Philosophy Baby Collection: Philosophy Cleansing Hair-To-Toe Baby Wash Philosophy Baby Nurturing Lotion Philosophy Baby Comforting Diaper Cream

I’ve been a virtual auntie to baby Lucy, born to my dear reader Dina a few months ago! Eep and I still haven’t seen her yet in person! Promise D, we meet up for din and shopping real soon or maybe we should just wait a few years for Lucy to develop into a beauty junkie like us!? Naaa knowing you she is already at that point of her life already! Gotta start ’em young!

Needless to say, new and old mum’s are as passionate about good beauty as the rest of us plus I imagine those with daughters are ever so eager to introduce them to the dark side aka the beauty junkie lifestyle.

Yup the moral of the story is start ’em young and why not start them with a best loved brand like Philosophy?

Philosophy Baby is a selection of natural bath and body goodies for newly born babes and their mum’s to enjoy!

  • Philosophy Cleansing Hair-To-Toe Baby Wash $10

This mild shampoo, baby wash and bubble bath was formulated to nurture baby’s most sensitive skin as it gently cleanses your baby from head to toe. The formula features 98% naturally-derived ingredients and a clean, delicate, soothing scent to your baby. Skin and hair are left feeling soft and smooth, making it more irresistible than ever to shower your baby with lots of kisses.

  • Philosophy Baby Nurturing Lotion $10

This moisturizing baby lotion was formulated to soothe and nurture baby’s dry, delicate skin. The formula features 96% naturally-derived ingredients and a clean, delicate, soothing scent to baby your baby. A blend of natural botanicals leave baby’s skin feeling soft and comfortable, making it more irresistible than ever to wrap your baby in lots of hugs.

  • Philosophy Baby Comforting Diaper Cream $10

This diaper cream is formulated with 97% naturally-derived ingredients to help comfort and nurture baby’s delicate skin, as it soothes sensitivity caused by wetness, diaper rash or chaffing. The lightweight formula rubs on smoothly and dries comfortably to keep your little bundle of joy happy between diaper changes.

I think it’s darling that Philosophy has gotten into the baby business! It’s rare to see a brand offering options for your baby plus affordable ones at that ($10 bucks? That’s a nice deal!).

I think they would make a rather lovely little pressie for a newborn or a new mom.

The Muse had better get to Ulta and snatch some up for baby Lucy. Who better to introduce her to the joys of Philosophy than me?

  • 6/1/11 19:54 Jessica Allison:

    I love the idea of Philosophy Baby care, but I have to say, knowing that Philosophy has a habit of using tons of natural extracts and oils in their products that can be potentially irritating, I’d be careful.

    Natural is not always better, especially in the case of delicate infant skin. My own daughter battled hives for several months before I figured out that it was the Burt’s Bees lotion & wash that was causing it. We monitored food and laundry detergent before discovering the culprit.

    Just some food for thought for Moms (and Aunties!) out there- peek at the ingredient label before you buy. If there are ingredients- even natural ones- that seem to have no actual function in the product (I use cosmeticscop for quick ingredient checks) then you may want to move along, no matter how good the product smells or how nice the packaging is :)


  • 6/2/11 17:50 dina:

    =) LOVE!!!! can’t wait to try these and little lucy is anxiously awaiting meeting auntie muse xoxo


  • 6/5/11 1:24 winni:

    Ooooo….I’m pregnant and tempted to buy this when baby comes!


    • 6/6/11 16:25 the Muse:

      aw winni I don’t believe I knew you were, how far long!?


      • 6/6/11 16:43 winni:

        Yeah I hadn’t mentioned it :) I’m 13 weeks, due Dec 12! First baby and totally excited.


        • 6/6/11 16:50 the Muse:

          *head desk* sorry win! I must have forgotten, forgive me? ;-D yay! you got a ways to go!!!!!!


          • 6/6/11 17:30 winni:

            No need to apologize, I said I hadn’t, as in had NOT, mentioned it! This is the first time I’ve mentioned it on a blog. You didn’t forget anything my dear. And yes, a ways to go! Feels like forever! Is it December yet??? :)

          • 6/7/11 9:33 the Muse:

            jeepers winni I totes read that wrong, def was Monday yesterday haha ;-D I feel bad b/c you’ll have baby on board all summer ;( that can’t be comfortable. Stay in the AC with your feet up girl! 😀

  • 6/7/11 11:29 Irene:

    I am going to put this on my wish list since I’m also pregnant right now :) I can’t wait to try it!


    • 6/7/11 11:32 the Muse:

      congrats irene ;-D when are you due?


  • 6/7/11 22:28 JoAnn:

    Sooo eager to try this. I have an eight month old ( my pride and joy ) and I’m always trying to find something more natural and gentle for him to use. Plus, I’m a huge Philosophy junky myself :)


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