Philosophy Lively Lemon Coconut Shower Gel

Somethings go mighty well together…..

  • Marmite on Burnt Toast.
  • Grilled Chicken and Caesar anything.
  • Peanut Butter and Green Apples.
  • Heavy Cream in a hot cuppa English Breakfast.
  • Pickles and Ice Cream…eerrr..if you’re preggers maybe!

Coconuts….what goes good with coconuts? Normally they are paired up with pineapple, vanilla, lime…these are some traditional notes I’ve seen mixed with coconut when it comes to my favorite fragrances or body products but have you ever seen coconut and lemon mixed?

Not I.


Philosophy takes the joy of a tart lemon and adds a bit of smooth, creamy coconut into the mix to create their new Lively Lemon Coconut Shower Gel!

According to them it’s infused with the tropical essences of coconut and lemon so you’ll feel like you’re on a relaxing trip on a private island.

Honestly? I don’t normally think lemon when I think tropical island but I do think coconut and I think the blend could prove really unique….

What do you think?

What would you pair with coconut?

What are your favorite pairings?

Peanut butter and jelly?

Coconut and vanilla?

Name ’em, beauty or otherwise!

Available now from QVC.

  • 6/6/11 12:30 jenna:

    my favourite pairings are milk & honey, berries & cream, and also coconut & vanilla. but one of my least favourites is coconut & lime so this will probably be a pass for me!


    • 6/6/11 12:33 the Muse:

      milk and honey is so comforting jenna ;-D


  • 6/6/11 14:47 Eve:

    Popcorn and milk. Forreals, try it!


    • 6/6/11 15:59 the Muse:

      like cereal eve?!?!


      • 6/6/11 17:17 Eve:

        Not quite, you have to dip the popcorn in the milk!


        • 6/6/11 18:00 the Muse:

          eve that sounds gross and interesting at the same time LOL! buttered???


          • 6/6/11 19:26 Eve:

            DEFINITELY buttered! It’s the sweet, creamy/salty combo that makes it so good!

          • 6/7/11 9:25 the Muse:

            that sounds so terribly weird eve haha but I’m trying it ;D!

  • 6/6/11 22:27 Camille:

    Oooh this reminds me of lemon coconut squares…yummy!


  • 6/6/11 23:09 Melissa:

    I love coconut anything food, booze, beauty love love love it. I think I have loved it my whole life. I also really enjoy lemon bath stuff so this new pairing shall be mine. Coconut and chocolate is my favorite I currently have “mounds” flavored coffee creamer in the fridge and its yum.


    • 6/7/11 9:27 the Muse:

      lemon anything is normally brilliant as far as I’m concerned Melissa ;-D combining it with coconut just sounds damn good!


  • 6/7/11 9:05 allison1998:

    One of my favorite pairings is ice cream and potato chips. Yummy! :0)


    • 6/7/11 9:11 the Muse:

      yum allison the traditional salty versus sweet ;D


  • 6/8/11 0:45 Phyrra:

    Coconut and Mango is yummy :)


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