SK-II Facial Treatment Cream Foundation

I was thinking about taking the plunge into the SK-II side of the pool this year. As I grow older I take my skincare more and more seriously and SK-II gets such rave reviews I thought it was about time that I invest some hardcore cash into some of their lotions and potions to see for myself if they are worth their hefty price tags.

For now I think I want to go steady with the SK-II Facial Treatment Cream Foundation first. I thought I’d woe it with a light dinner, maybe take it to good rom-com, treat it to ice cream after, and finish the night by asking if it wanted to be used as my daily foundation of choice.

To much too soon?


SK-II Facial Treatment Cream Foundation not only keeps your skin looking flawless but it also ensures your skin stays that way throughout the day. This foundation contains SK-II’s Marine Sterol, an emollient ingredient derived from a species of seaweed in Brittany, France and Rice Sterol, extracted from Japanese rice bran plus Pitera to keep skin soft and smooth.

SK-II says a small amount of their foundation (about the size of a rice grain) is enough to keep skin flawless and beautiful.

Beautiful isn’t cheap, this foundation is a whooping $95 but if I end up having skin as incredible as Cate Blanchett’s after use, well, it’s well worth it!

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  • 6/7/11 18:56 Courtney:

    Can’t wait for reviews! I’ve always wanted to try SK-II products but they are so expensive.


  • 6/8/11 10:24 Sara:

    Yeah I have to agree her skin is bea-u-ti-ful. And if the stuff does it, I’m sure you’ll let us know. I was kind of thinking of trying a cream or something but you are right is so darn awful expensive….. it’s like a mortgage payment….


    • 6/8/11 10:43 the Muse:

      lmao sara ;-D exactly! mortgage payment for skincare..!


  • 6/14/11 20:39 Ruthless:

    I have the Gurlain underwear foundation (whatever its called) and pound for pound it is the most natural looking FULL coverage foundation I have ever used, it really is like skin. That being said, it isn’t as long lasting I’d be lucky to get 8 hours out of it but it’s really nice. It’s 65$? Maybe more. That’s about as high as I will go, I get more lasting coverage for my oily skin with EL doublewear and it’s 44.


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