Tokidoki Fragrance Rollerball

Tokidoki Fragrance Rollerball 5

I’ll throw it out there and admit that I wouldn’t say no to an Adios or Ciao Ciao fragrance. I imagine Ciao Ciao’s fragrance of choice is one that smells like cupcakes and death…! Just sayin’!

Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore what your favorite Tokidoki characters smell like because Sephora has brand new Tokidoki Fragrance Rollerballs!

I think I’m in heaven!

Indulge in one of six Tokidoki fragrances each sized to fit in your purse, backpack, or travelin’ bag!

Tokidoki Adios Fragrance Rollerball $18
Adios spent 500 years in fire and brimstone before the Devil discovered his good-natured ways and kicked him out of Hell. Too mischievous for Heaven, Adios was condemned to live forever on earth, in his modern grave-loft with his girlfriend Ciao Ciao and their cat Skeletrino. Together, Adios and Ciao Ciao wander the world, sharing with others how to make the most out of this life.

Tokidoki Fragrance Rollerball 6

Lemon Leaves, Pink Grapefruit, Cyclamen, Day Lilies, Pink Orchid, Lotus Blossom, White Musk, Peach Skin, Crystallized Woods.
Devilish. Crisp. Citrus.

Tokidoki Donutella Fragrance Rollerball $18
Donutella comes from a planet where sugar is used as energy. One day while out scouting the Milky Way for a new fuel source in her donut U.F.O., Donutella discovered planet Earth. On Earth, Donutella was excited to find a lot of sweets and treats to fuel herself and her people. Almost instantly Donutella realized that it would be much better to start a sweet colony here and invite all of her friends than to go back home.

Tokidoki Fragrance Rollerball 1

Raspberry, Bright Bergamot, Muguet, Jasmine Sambac, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Musk.
Rich. Delicious. Cream.

Tokidoki SANDy Fragrance Rollerball $18
The cactus is a sign of protection. SANDy and her friends zip themselves into cactus suits because they think the world is a cold and scary place and they need some armor to face it. SANDy and the Cactus Friends are a representation of life, of being fragile and strong at the same time… and pure like water.

Tokidoki Fragrance Rollerball 7

Pear Blossom, Freesia, Honeysuckle, Gardenia, Hint of Vanilla, Amber Musk.
Sparkling. Fresh. Floral.

Tokidoki Ciao Ciao Fragrance Rollerball $18
Ciao Ciao lives with the good natured but mischievous Adios. They live in a modern grave-loft with their cat Skeletrino. Together, Adios and Ciao Ciao wander the world, sharing with others how to make the most out of this life.

Tokidoki Fragrance Rollerball 2

Water Hyacinth, Out of the Shower Accord, Muguet, Day Lily, Sheer Jasmine Petals, Musk, Sun-Drenched Woods.
Sassy. Sheer. Floral.

Siberia Fragrance Rollerball $18
Siberia is a cute white tiger that was born with a very warm heart in a freezing land. She is patient and good but her one flaw is that she is in love with El Tigre the outlaw. When he is in jail she never forgets to bring him delicious premium steak. Siberia is best friends with Savana and together they share a passion for shopping and jewels.

Tokidoki Fragrance Rollerball 3

Cool Aldehydes, Muguet Petals, Night Blooming Jasmine, White Orchid, White Musk, Soft Woods.
Icy. White. Musk.

Tokidoki Adieu Fragrance Rollerball $18
Adieu is Adios’s French cousin. She is also best friends with Ciao Ciao. Adieu’s passion in life is traveling the world. She appreciates different cultures and loves to study art history and languages. She is the epitome of the Paris “It Girl.” She loves shopping, partying, dressing well and chitchatting with friends at the café… C’est la vie!

Tokidoki Fragrance Rollerball 4

Black Berry, Strawberry, Juicy Orange, Tiare Flower, Water Lotus, Creamy Vanilla, Cashmere Woods.
Sexy French Berry.

I admit I was little disappointed they didn’t come in bottles as I’m not really a hardcore rollerball kinda girl. I proceeded to feel rather badly they were $18 each too because you know they’ll be like chips just can’t eat one, just can’t own one kinda deal…must collect them all disease coming atcha!

Perhaps I’ll wait for Fall and pray to the fragrance gods that Tokidoki releases them in ickle little bottles for me to enjoy!

Whatcha think?

Loves ‘em hard?

No way?

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  • 6/2/11 16:38 Larie:

    Those are adorable, Muse! I’m also not much for rollerballs, but I could start with these! Hahaha.


    • 6/2/11 16:44 the Muse:

      hehe me either larie but I can def indulge ;D!


  • 6/2/11 16:45 Tammie:

    Some Tokidoki fan I am, I didn’t even know about the characters’ backstories!


    • 6/2/11 16:50 the Muse:

      ha tammie really?!?!?! omg! ;-D they have some really fun stories behind the characters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • 6/2/11 20:05 Tammie:

        Yeah, it never even occurred to me!


  • 6/2/11 17:23 MC:

    Yes plz for Donutella. It would match my Donutella watch lol.


  • 6/2/11 17:35 Marina:

    Super cute! I love Tokidoki. I don’t wear fragrances a whole lot, but these sound amazing.


  • 6/2/11 18:20 marron:

    they need to make a set out of these, bec I wanna buy all of them!


    • 6/3/11 10:32 the Muse:

      me too marron ;D!


  • 6/2/11 18:58 jonnie:

    Oh, so cute! I will buy rollerballs when I’m not sure how much I will wear something…

    All of these sound pretty nice! I want to go give them a sniff.


  • 6/2/11 19:14 mon:

    >o< The stories were so cute! I hope they come out with mini bottles too because if you only get one, it'll get lonely. Maybe if they do well they'll be a mini set for the holidays?


    • 6/3/11 10:32 the Muse:

      mini set mon! I’d be on it!


  • 6/2/11 20:57 Soo:

    omg. I don’t even like rollerballs either, but now I feel like I need the Donutella one (she’s my favorite!!)


  • 6/2/11 21:36 peri:

    man…they’re so frigin cute! i want them all!


  • 6/3/11 0:30 LMat:

    Cute! The next time I’m in Sephora I’ll check these out. My cousin collects Tokidoki, maybe she’ll like these. I’m intrigued by Donutella, because I <3 vanilla/musky smells.

    Perfume descriptions are funny sometimes…What's "out of the shower accord?" And what's the difference between "sun-drenched woods" and "crystallized woods?"


    • 6/3/11 9:22 the Muse:

      LOL Lmat one does have to wonder about shower accord haha!


  • 6/3/11 7:49 Courtney:

    These are adorable!


  • 6/3/11 10:36 Michelle:

    Can you buy these in stores, or are they available online only? Sephora. Com is sold out already


    • 6/3/11 10:40 the Muse:

      michelle they just launched online so prob will be a few before they pop into shops! hope this helps!


  • 6/3/11 11:08 Majick:

    I kind of like rollerballs because yoiu don’t have to commit to a scent if yuo only want to wear it occasionally. Also they are the best for travel.
    I like Siberia simply because I love cats, shopping and jewelry. LOL

    I think Adieu would be perfect for anyone who knows a RED HAT lady. LOL Too bad my MIL doesn’t wear fragrance.


  • 6/3/11 13:55 dina:

    can’t wait to check these out!!! i’m also not a fan of the rollerball, wish they at least made them sprays. looking forward to a sniff and LOVE the caps :)


  • 6/3/11 14:18 Fey:

    Gaahhhh. Donutella sounds delicious! I will definitely have to buy this one. Thanks for the post–I would’ve never known otherwise.


    • 6/3/11 14:41 the Muse:

      my pleasure fey ;D!


  • 6/4/11 0:04 Phyrra:

    I saw these! I’m most interested in Siberia, Donutella and Adios.


  • 6/5/11 19:20 Over40beautyproductqueen:

    I recently bought my Harajuku fragrance. Who says all the cute scents are for the under 40! This “oldie” is a fan.


    • 6/6/11 16:23 the Muse:

      you def don’t have to be a kid to enjoy these over40 or harajuka ;D!


  • 6/6/11 16:33 Over40beautyproductqueen:

    Thank goodness for that Muse! : )


    • 6/6/11 16:35 the Muse:

      aw shucks over40 ;-D hugs!


  • 6/6/11 20:20 Kristal:

    I love tokidoki! Thanks for sharing these!


    • 6/7/11 9:23 the Muse:

      my pleasure kristal :D


  • 7/21/11 12:38 xmas:

    I smelled these a few days ago. My favorite was Adios, but it was pretty strong. Adieu was nice as well. The others smell similar to the Harajuku Lovers collection, which I didn’t care for. :(


    • 7/21/11 12:47 the Muse:

      hey xmas I had a little sniff too…I can’t remember which but two were very sweet which I love and the others were a bit meh!


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