Too Faced Matte Eye Shadow Collection

Heads up matte girls.

If you’ve always loved the Too Faced Boxed Shadow Palettes but hated the fact that they were so shimmery, well, this post is dedicated to you!

The Too Faced Matte Eye Shadow Collection is a new Fall 2011 exclusive that is available from Sephora only.

Check it!

This nine piece collection features all matte shades of shadows in both warm and cool tones plus how to makeup lesson cards for easy step-by-step application!

You get:

  • Tufted Suede (soft tan)
  • Velveteen Bunny (ivory)
  • Fresh Linen (pale pink)
  • Chinchilla (light warm brown)
  • Coffee Bean (dark brown)
  • Pebbles (gray)
  • London Fog (deep blue)
  • Vintage Violet (violet mauve)
  • Midnight (charcoal gray)

Damn, there’s something so cute about an eyeshadow called Velveteen Bunny! Aw!

Too Faced Matte Eye Shadow Collection ($36) is available exclusively from Sephora for the Fall 2011 Collection.

Will you indulge?

I kinda want it because I have all the shadow boxes but I really am bad with a matte medium!

  • 6/29/11 8:35 Y:

    Looks beautiful but I don’t know how well I can pull off an all matte look :/
    Then again I can always mix it up with other eyeshadows… hmmmm….


    • 9/26/11 18:58 Niki:

      I was longing for a matte too faced palette. Sometimes when i just want to enhance my natural look I found really difficult with the previous too faced colours…So this is very good to enhance your look and give that “no make up on” feeling.

      Thumbs up, deffo!!!


  • 6/29/11 8:43 Mary the Muse Militant:

    This sounds fab.
    I want it too as I love matt eyeshadows.


  • 6/29/11 8:55 Regina:

    Nope, I’m all about the shimmer/matte mix and I love the natural eye collection


  • 6/29/11 9:19 Sarah S.:

    Oh, I was about to give you the heads up on this, but of course the Muse beat me to it :) I actually find mattes easier to use than shimmers. I always wind up with shimmer in places I did not intend.


    • 6/29/11 9:24 the Muse:

      me too sarah, cheeks, face, chin, possibly butt crack…haha ;-D no but seriously it really does end up all over my face :( my past fotds are proof positive of it ;D!


  • 6/29/11 10:24 kiwikiwidragon:

    OMG, I was trying to be good, I think if I am truly going to be good, I will have to unsubscribe to newsletters and not read blogs. bbbbbuuuuttt, thats not happening, so this will go into my next sephora haul, which is right around the corner…….


    • 6/29/11 10:30 the Muse:

      hehe kiwi ;-D!


  • 6/29/11 13:39 kimk:

    WANTWANTWANTWANTWANT!!! nownownownownow!!!!

    OMG – are these online yet?? I must have it – maybe both!!! Man oh man… If the fall colletions (ALL of them) are as good as they look online, I will be way broke this fall – but I’ll be so purty…. 😀 Thanks for the heads up on this one, Muse!!


    • 6/29/11 13:40 the Muse:

      ha kim so excited to see you hyped ;-D It’s actually on Sephora ;-D Fall is a coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOve me some fall beauty ;-D my pleasure dear!


  • 6/29/11 14:33 sillylilacs:

    Will I indulge? Perhaps =D Finally there will be a pure matte palette! There are too many shimmers out there! lol I’m also excited about the WnW new matte palette coming out soon. =D


  • 6/29/11 14:58 Kayla:

    Yay! I’ve been straying away from all of these palettes lately because I’m much more into matte shades recently and they seem to only have a few. But this sounds perfect! It will be summer well into September here (I live in Florida) but goodness I am excited for Fall make up collections. My fav!


  • 6/29/11 16:21 Katrina:

    It really is a great buy! The palette is slimmer and more compact which is great. I really like the texture of the eyeshadows too, they go on real smooth. <3


  • 6/29/11 16:24 2sillybugs:

    Recently picked up the Too Faced “Eye Love” from Ebay, not enough points to get it from Sephora :(. Anyway, love the staying power of the shadows. I like the matte shades they included. Will definitely be picking this up.


    • 6/30/11 11:35 the Muse:

      hey silly that’s great ;-D glad you got it at least!


  • 6/29/11 19:13 Samantha:

    Oh geez I’ve been looking for a pure matte palette…
    Do you know if the box is flimsy? I tend to not like Too Faced packaging :S


    • 6/30/11 13:52 the Muse:

      mm believe same as their other box shadow palettes Samantha…pretty substantial


  • 6/29/11 23:04 Marilyn @ Lipgloss and Spandex:

    OMG this looks awesome! I want it baaad. I don’t really ever wear an all matte look, but I’d like to add some nice neutral mattes to my eyeshadow collection. It seems like it’d be good paired with the Naked palette…


  • 6/30/11 2:52 Melissa:

    Hi Muse. Please stop spending my commission check for me. I love mattes but I can buy this and the 800000 other fall things I want. Maybe I’ll get this instead of something else. Time will tell.


    • 6/30/11 9:05 the Muse:

      lol melissa ;D can’t help it!


  • 7/2/11 23:07 Linda:

    YEAH!!!!! Finally matte shades. I never buy “any” palettes because they always haver shimmer/glitter ‘STUFF” I’m always looking for matte shadows but their really aren’t to many to chose from regardless of the brand. I will have to check this out for sure because it can always be incorporated into whatever I already own, and I own my fair share of beauty goodness!!


    • 8/5/11 11:34 Dacia:

      ^^^ I was feeling the same way about matte unavailability. SO glad for this one!


  • 7/8/11 16:43 kimk:

    Just got an email from Sephora – this palette will be in stores on July 21!!! Got that date scribbled into my calender!! WANT!!!


  • 7/16/11 4:15 Tigress:

    I’m the exact opposite, I like all shimmer palettes! Too Faced has some pretty good quality matte eyeshadows though, like the two lightest ones in the Enchanted Glamourland palette.


  • 8/5/11 11:33 Dacia:

    I got it. Because I only own shimmer and I’ve been very into stocking up on bold reds for fall (and end of summer, and any time).
    I gotta tell ya, I love it! Many combos, nothing ever too garish, etc. I’m a complete moron when it comes to application (lovely cards, but just never comes out looking that way on me) but I just work with it until it works. 😉

    It was between this and the Tokyo duo from NARS (which…come on, NARS). I’m very pleased with this. :)


    • 8/5/11 15:14 the Muse:

      glad to hear it dacia ;D!


      • 8/5/11 17:34 Dacia:

        Um…I made no sense, lol. Bold reds for LIPS…and too much shimmer with that looks clowny on me.


  • 8/5/11 11:40 Sarah S.:

    Hi Muse! I actually started a blog and reviewed this… if you want you can link to my post but it’s ok if not ^.^;;


    • 8/5/11 15:14 the Muse:

      hey sarah you should submit it to me if you like will post it with your url ;-D


      • 8/5/11 15:46 Sarah S.:

        Thanks for considering! I’m trying not to be an impatient ninny about getting readership, especially since I should probably refine my style a bit before I embarrass myself… haha. But I really love this palette!


        • 8/5/11 15:48 the Muse:

          u kidding? I embarrass myself daily on this site LOL! ;-D


          • 8/5/11 15:50 Sarah S.:

            Nahhh, in fact I’m going to do a short series (like three posts?) about my enablers on my blog, and you are going to be the blogger I say makes me buy EVERYTHING haha 😀

  • 8/9/11 20:30 LG:

    Saw this in Sephora and it looks gorgeous! However, I already have the Natural & Romantic palettes, and I really like the good mix of matte & shimmer, so I think I’ll stick with those. :) I like mixing my mediums. xx


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