Use It, Stash It, or Trash It!

Time for a little gamin’!

The name of this game is Use It, Stash It, or Trash it and it’s a variation of Sex, Marry, Kill. Never played it? It’s easy!

Someone presents you with a list of three people in your life or celebs and you decide if you want to have sex with them, marry them, or kill them off.

My variation of the game involves cosmetics. I’ll give you three options and you tell me if you’d keep the item and use it, stash it away in your beauty vault and never use it because it’s just so damn gorgeous , or trash it in the makeup graveyard!

Game On!

Take the jump to play!

With so many amazing collections upcoming it’s going to be a long, hard Summer of haulin’!

Which would Use, Stash, or Trash?

MAC Semi Precious Collection
Too Faced Fall 2011 Collection
YSL Face 2011 Collection

Phew! Hard one here!

I’m going to go ahead and……..Use the MAC Semi Precious Collection, Stash the Too Faced one, and Trash the YSL one.

How about you?

By the way we might as well play the original Sex, Marry, Kill version! The low calorie version of the Inbetweeners returns to BBC shortly (thank gawd I have the DVD set). I absolutely love those boys.

Do you watch it? It’s the crudest show on the BBC lol!

If so who would you have sex with, marry, or kill from the series!

I’d have sex with Jay, I feel bad for him and his compulsive lying ways. At least if I had sex with him he’d actually have something true to brag about haha! I’d kill Si and Will…Simon is cute but he’s a complete idiot sometimes and WIll is so amazingly anal I don’t think I could cope with him in a relationship, briefcase wanker! I’d totally marry Neil because not only do I lust after Blake Harrison but how fun would it be living with Neil? He brings dumb to so many new levels!

Your turn!

Copy your answers into the comment box to play!

  • 6/9/11 14:25 Taylor:

    Use the Too Faced, stash the MAC, trash the YSL


  • 6/9/11 14:34 kharanya:

    If I hadn’t started using natural cosmetics, I’d:
    Use the YSL (yes I like bright colours 😛 the nude look makes me look like the walking dead)
    Stash Too Faced (love the concept of coloured liners but I rarely find myself using them)
    Trash MAC (never got into MAC)


  • 6/9/11 14:49 Cj:

    Omg this is a hard one lol!

    I’d USE the Mac collection
    I’d STASH the YSL collection
    I’d TRASH the Too Faced collection

    I just youtube’d a couple clips of that show… Crude is saying it nicely lol it’s like a live action south park or something lol.

    Marry Neil
    Sex Simon and Jay
    Kill Will


    • 6/9/11 15:02 the Muse:

      It’s THEE best cj ;-D lmao…it’s just so damn funny. some of the stuff that comes out of their mouth makes me fall over ;-D haha very good selection on Neil might I add ;D


  • 6/9/11 14:52 winni:

    Use the MAC (this is a collection I’m actually excited about), stash YSL and trash Too Faced. For the men……kill Will, sex Jay and marry Simon.


    • 6/9/11 15:01 the Muse:

      but what about poor Neil winni! ;-D


      • 6/9/11 15:14 winni:

        I’d sex him too LOL! In fantasyland I’d keep a harem of men!


        • 6/9/11 15:15 the Muse:

          LOL winni me too…;D!


  • 6/9/11 15:06 Christine:

    Use the MAC (I’ve been lusting after this collection since I saw your post on it yesterday), stash the YSL (pretty, but too bright for me), and trash the Too Faced (seems so familiar, not very original).


  • 6/9/11 15:29 Natália.:

    Use the MAC, stash YSL, trash too faced.


  • 6/9/11 15:33 JCz:

    Use it: Too Faced – this seems the most tame (ok, maybe a bit boring) for every day.
    Stash it: MAC – the collection is beautiful.
    Trash it: YSL – I like the purples, the nail polishes, and I appreciate the artsy inspiration, but ultimately it’s too bright for me.


  • 6/9/11 16:02 Aimee Pan:

    Use the YSL, because it’s bright and crazy and I love it. Stash the MAC, because it’s more wearable. Trash the Too Face.


  • 6/9/11 16:42 Kasia:

    I’d use MAC, stash YSL and trash Too Faced :)


  • 6/9/11 16:43 tina:

    Use: Too Faced
    Stash: YSL
    Trash: Mac, not liking anything in this collection :/


  • 6/9/11 18:16 Tigress:

    Use: YSL
    Stash: Too Faced
    Trash: MAC


  • 6/9/11 18:34 ribbonroses:

    Use Too Faced
    Stash MAC
    Trash YSL


  • 6/9/11 19:56 Janet Shepherd:

    Use the YSL – looks luxe & the colours would suit me
    Stash the Too Faced – looks like good basics
    Trash the Mac – just not me!


  • 6/9/11 20:02 Courtney:

    Use MAC, stash YSL, trash Too Faced


  • 6/9/11 20:15 Mary the Muse Militant:

    USE: Mac Collection
    STASH: YSL Collection
    TRASH: Too Faced Collection

    I wouldn’t touch any of those boys with an 80ft barge pole !!
    Gimme a real man any day ! hehe
    Aiden Turner – he will do nicely.


    • 6/9/11 20:21 the Muse:

      hey now mary this isn’t the BH edition it’s the inbetweeners one…no AT! 😀 LOL Maybe next round! ;-D and you know you love when jay throws around clunge like hello and goodbye…it’s such a word my xboyfriend would say….he was very proper brit…NOT


  • 6/9/11 20:29 Mary the Muse Militant:

    Those guys – never, ever would I, Muse !!!
    As for the new C Word clunge – well I much prefer the original C Word with it’s good old sharp short sound :)
    Now that was one we bantered about until the femminists decided it was “not appropriate”.
    Am a bit old-fashioned I suppose.


  • 6/9/11 22:44 Sara:

    Hey, our answers are the same! On both counts! Freaky!

    God I love the Inbetweener’s, I just quoted it earlier tonight! (spotting a fence at Lowe’s: “That one’s bent. Neil’s dad is bent. ‘My dad’s not bent!’, ‘yeah, you have to say that.'” Lol, what a sloppy quote job. It was all ones-sided, though, the other person kept looking at fences and ignoring my shenanigans. :p

    I still get the urge to yell “Bus wankers!” every time I see someone walking down the street (can’t yell it to actual bus-riders, I’d feel like a jerk). Oh, and I’ve totally started saying “blowie” instead of my previous name for it. :p Forgot all about clunge! Gotta put that one back in the rotation. Oh, and “pedo!” That’s like, a thing! There is a whole thing with it in an episode of Peepshow about Mark avoiding some kids because they make fun of him and call him a pedo. Pretty much any time anything is going down I start yelling “pedo”. It’s ridiculous!

    Ugh…we don’t have the BBC any more and I am missing Inbetweeners, Being Human, Peepshow, and that Mitchell and Webb look. Netflix saves me a little bit, but not as much as you’d think. Plus, how am I to fall in love with new shows??


    • 6/9/11 22:53 the Muse:

      LOL sara…I constantly rag on my best friend Jai, who happens to be bent LOL, saying “omg you’re so bent” ;-D he gets a right proper laugh out of it. OMG YES! BUS WANKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol dude..there are such gems of wisdom in that show LOL! LOL OMG YES of course I remember that eppy….! Got I love Jez! and Super Hans is my freaking hero. Remember the eppy when they were giving each other..ahems…LOL I gotta tell you, order the series that you like from amazon uk. BBC america SLAUGHTERS everything. They cut so much out on all my fav shows it’s absurd. if you have the cash to splurge buy ’em if they aren’t on netflix as a rental…it’s so lame how they cut parts out, blip the good stuff, etc….!!!!!! This season of inbetweeners I already own on dvd and I bet they do a bang up job of cutting ALL the great stuff!!!!!!!!!!

      I can’t wait for the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!! did you see the teaser trailer?


      • 6/9/11 22:55 the Muse:

        PS James Buckley used to be such an active tweeter but he deleted his account randomly…bogus…Blake is still on twitter but both Joe and Simon also deleted theirs (they didn’t tweet much but still) WTH?


        • 6/10/11 12:20 Sara:

          Aww man, I only follow restaurants n’ things on my twitter – totally missing out!


          • 6/10/11 12:50 the Muse:

            follow blake sara ;-D restaurants? I better be on your follow list or I won’t talk to you anymore haha jk!

      • 6/10/11 12:17 Sara:

        Movie?! omg…..Why am I not up to date on the news?!

        We just watched the first season of Peepshow through Netflix – seasons three and four are what we caught on the BBC initially. Damnit they are so funny it hurts! Last night before bed we watched a couple episodes of That Mitchell and Webb look – we’d only gotten to see one or two before downgrading the channel list. The episode with the Gordon Ramsay spoof? Gold. Pure gold. From start to finish there was soo much in there!

        Yep, the episode with the “*ahems*” 😉 Oh, and the one where Jezzer takes that intern (or errand boy?) job with the musician he admired? And the face spasm from the interview episode of season 1? Totally found that on youtube to rewatch. After seeing the unedited Netflix episodes, I don’t think I can go back to watching them censored on the BBCA. Ugh…censoring drives me crazy.

        I think I’ll be spending my browsing time today looking for stuff on amazon uk. 😀 It’s been too long since watching that first season of the Inbetweeners – and I still haven’t seen the second! Ooh, the caravanning episode….there was a lot of awesome in that. Scenes with a dancing Neil guarantees an angel gets their wings. :p


        • 6/10/11 12:59 the Muse:

          dude dude dude how did you not know about the movie lol! it’s only a teaser! Jay at the end with, “Hope you brought you wellies, we’ll be knee deep in clunge” had me spittin’! LOL!

          M&W isn’t my fav variety show tbh but I watch it anyway. I’m a F&S girl myself. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL yes! that was fab ;-D what about when mark thought he was gay and was all about getting it on with his boss! I LOVE the boss! He was the tech guy on Green Wing, please tell me you watched green wing?! ;-D

          Ugh not only censored but cut up too :( they cute so much out.

          I’d so buy the entire season set of inbetweeners if I were you. DAMN funny stuff. There’s an episode where they have this fashion show at school and carli does a moulin rouge inspired look with her and simon. She dresses simon in a speedo and tophat…..he ends up walking the runway with his b*ll s*c hanging out of the speedo and doesn’t realize it…OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG funniest thing ever. And neil is helping backstage with pedo Kennedy (from the field trip…remember? “Your legs are so tired…swimming is tiring isn’t it…” LOL!

          holy crap you can see it on youtube I’m surprised they didn’t delete it LOL

          OMG neil dancing OMG so funny…and he always gets lucky WTH! lol! And him working at Thorpe Park…SOLID gold…………..!


          • 6/10/11 22:12 Sara:

            Wellies and clunge – you’re killing me! I needs mah brit shows back!

            Dude, Mark’s boss is the shit. He’s so smooth and so perfect. I can’t remember who I compare him to…damnit. I *love* when he hooked up with Big Sooze (prolly not how they spell it, but I like it like that. *lol*). And – yes! – the episode were Mark thought he was gay. God that was hilarious! Loved the gay porn! I can’t wait to watch the other seasons.

            Pedo Kennedy! I love his scenes with Neil! Poor, dumb Neil, how adorable can he be? I never saw the actor on any of those ilttle “behind the scenes” clips during commercial breaks on the BBCA, so I don’t know if he has to practice that blank stare or not. *lol* It’s pretty damn spot on. Ugh, I’ve forgotten too much of the good stuff. Even though we had to watch each episode twice, one for us, and one time to share with others. Sometimes we end up pulling it back because we laugh through half the snappy lines. Does’t surprise me Neil gets lucky all the time. How can you turn down that face and those moves? *lol* :p

            Oh, wait, after checking out the imdb it turns out I’ve seen season one *and* two. Ok. Their seasons seems short over there. Maybe that’s why their shows are better? Ours are usually two to three times longer!

            Green wing…Don’t hit me, I haven’t seen it! You’ve given me something to look for now. :p What’s F&S? I’m sadly still on the shallow end when it comes to bbc shows. I love the dialogue, vulgarity, cheekiness, and ridiculous situations. They’ve just got a different way about ’em, you know? Nothing seems to be really “off limits” and it just makes for funnier stuff. Accents and loads of slang don’t hurt either. 😀

  • 6/9/11 22:57 Jess:

    I dunno, it’s a hard decision.

    Use the Too Faced
    Stash the MAC
    Trash the YSL!


  • 6/10/11 1:50 tiny:

    Use Too Faced collection
    Stash YSL
    Trash Mac…

    I’m just kind of over baked shadows.. Most of the time they don’t do what I want them to and I end up pissed off at them and I “ground them” by taking them out of my makeup shelving unit thing and stuffing them in my bathroom drawers to sit and think about what they’ve done!



    • 8/19/11 10:58 Majick:

      Tiny, your comment about “grounding” your “bad” makeup made me LOL this morning.

      I’m not sure what’s going on but I had like 200 emails from comments from the Muse this morning. Even comments that I’ve read already. Weird.


      • 8/19/11 11:33 the Muse:

        sorry majick read the front page of my blog you’ll see why lol!


  • 6/10/11 2:57 Nia:

    Oh, that’s a really though one.

    Use the YSL 😉
    Stash the MAC collection and trash the one from Too Faced, but mainly because I do not have any idea what’s in it.


  • 6/10/11 5:53 Misato-san:

    Use: Too Faced, so many interesting things to have fun with!
    Stash: MAC Semi precius… but there isn’t something to stash in it to me, it’s only I’m not interested into YSL one at all
    Trash: YSL


  • 6/10/11 7:26 Maria:

    Hmmm…that’s a toughie, but I’m going to Stash MAC (it just look SO damn pretty i don’t even know if I want to use it or look at it) Use Too Faced and trash YSL (sorry YSL!) ^_^

    I wish I had BBC….if only to watch Merlin episodes as they come out.


  • 6/10/11 12:05 ann:

    USE: MAC!

    Love the YSL collection, but, I’m not someone who would wear such bold colors on an everyday basis.


  • 6/10/11 16:45 Majick:

    wow, this is tough choice.

    Use: YSL
    Stash: MAC
    Trash: Too Faced

    no wait…

    ha ha, no I’m not gonna do that but it’s really how I feel. I have a soft spot for any YSL because my dear departed Sister-in-law used to work for YSL and I have many goodies stashed already from them. I may have to break them out this weekend and play.

    I’d stash the MAC because the whole gem thing rocks my world.

    I’d trash the Too Faced because it just looks too much like everything else. Since I have the UD Black Palette and that little too faced 500 pt perk I think I’m ok.

    LOL good game


  • 6/10/11 23:12 CK:

    USE: MAC
    TRASH: Too Faced

    I can’t wait to get my hands on the MAC collection, I can’t wait for swatches! I’d stash YSL because the collection has a lot of pretty colors, but they’re not colors I like to wear regularly. The Too Faced collection looks nice, but nothing seems too amazingly innovative


  • 6/10/11 23:17 DaenaCat:

    The bad thing about having sex with a Jay-type is that he’ll likely become completely obsessed with you once you break things off.

    Not that I know from experience or anything. *cough*

    Despite his bus wankery ways I’d settle with marrying Will (aka Petal!), sex with Neil and kill the other 2.


  • 6/14/11 22:53 Angela:

    Use MAC, Stash Too Faced, and Trash YSL. I agree with you!
    The MAC collection looks sooo gorgeous. Too Faced looks nice and sultry too, but not as many of the colors/product types I go for. YSL looks just kind of bright and almost one dimensional…I would like to see ore variety like there is in the MAC collection, if you know what I mean.


  • 6/18/11 23:46 cinthya:

    Use: Too Faced
    Stash: MAC
    Trash: YSL

    until i see some swatches!!


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