All Your Stashes Belong 2 the Muse: Brittany’s Stash

A few weeks ago I asked all of you to submit stash pics because hey, I really love me some stash pr0n! Thanks for everyone that submitted. I haven’t had a chance to respond to each of you but I will feature as many stash round ups as I can plus if I use your stash in a post you get some free goodies from me.


Today’s stash photos come from Brittany who gives quite a few pics to drool over.

Take a look!

Phew, thanks for sharing Brittany!

Dontcha love drooling all over someone else’s stash?

Wanna share yours?

Submit it to Musings.of.a.Muse at gmail dot com.

  • 7/26/11 18:58 Olivia:

    Funny how her Glamour to Go blush cracked and fell out because the same thing happened to me :(


  • 7/26/11 19:11 CK:

    ahh! her stash reminds me a lot of mine. lol, especially because she has a lot of ELF stuff, woot woot. i submitted some photos but i’ve gotten quite a few more things since then.. x_x how long has it been?! maybe i have a makeup buying problem :X hehe


    • 7/27/11 10:18 the Muse:

      we all have that particularly problem CK hehe!


  • 7/26/11 20:20 eight:

    I love looking at other people’s makeup! I’d love to submit pics of my stash, though I don’t have a lot since I only started really increasing my collection earlier this year… Do you know how long you’ll be running this? ;D


    • 7/27/11 10:16 the Muse:

      hey eight me too ;-D I’m not really sure to be honest…could be a few weeks so you have time ;-D!


  • 7/26/11 21:01 tiny:

    Thanks for sharing your stash with us Brittany! I’m loving your lippies! There’s so many! *and some I recognize from my stash*

    I love makeup pron!!! srsly!


  • 7/26/11 21:18 Mia:

    MiMi like 😀


  • 7/26/11 21:26 Jessica:

    I’m afraid to photograph mine! You guys might call hoarders on me or put me in makeup rehab.


    • 7/27/11 9:21 the Muse:

      lol jessica ditto!


    • 7/27/11 11:48 Majick:

      cut from the same cloth we are… ;-D


    • 7/27/11 13:44 Becky:

      LOL!!! I had some friends on facebook ask about makeup storage so I posted a few pictures showing what I that and they totally gave me a hard time saying all that.. and they didn’t even see IN my storage containers. If they only knew…. ROFL Totally think I’ll send in pictures though, I just loooove my stash!


  • 7/26/11 21:40 Quinctia:

    Wow, that’s a crazy amount of neutral eyeshadows. I’d be curious to know what her favorites are. And is that Doug, I spy, which I consider the best of the UD pocket rockets?

    Hmm…I might figure out how to photograph my stash, but I think I’ll leave off the perfume. Two giant boxes of BPAL is impressive in quantity, but not very interesting to look at. 😀


  • 7/27/11 8:46 Sarah S.:

    Still embarrassed (or bragging???) that my stash is like 3X this size…


  • 7/27/11 9:48 Mary The Muse Militant:

    What a great collection Brittany !
    Great selection of browny eyeshadows. Love the palettes.


  • 7/27/11 10:24 kiwikiwidragon:

    DH is offering to take pics of my stash as well. Not sure if I am ready for that. Might make me feel I am over the top as well.


  • 7/27/11 11:56 Majick:

    as soon as I get a WIDE angle lens I’ll try to take some snaps of mine. LOL


  • 7/27/11 15:18 Hope:

    i really want to do this but some of my stuff is in storage! i go to school really far from where i live.

    also i put my naked palette in storage for the summer, WHY. lol


    • 7/27/11 16:01 the Muse:

      oo no Hope! Naked is great for Summer/Fall ;D!


  • 7/27/11 16:38 Christina D:

    I love how her collection isn’t “snobby.” I’m sick of seeing youtubers who have only MAC and UD and refuse to set foot inside of a drug store. Oh well, guess it leaves more for us bargain beauties.


  • 7/27/11 23:07 kharanya:

    I don’t have a huge collection either, so didn’t submit a pic. But ty ladies for those who did, makeup pron is great to see :)


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