Avon Scentini Eau de Toilette A Summer Fragrance Budget Pick

What’s your Summer scent of the moment?

I somehow reverted back 8 years and have been sportin’ Victoria’s Secret Love Spell lately. It’s my Summer scent of the moment for some odd reason.

I’m also a h0r for Annick Goutal Eau d’Hadrien! It reminds me of a sunny humid day after a rain storm.

Speaking of Summer scents the new Avon Scentini Eau de Toilettes are kinda callin’ my name….


Now I’ve professed my absolute detest for Victoria’s Secret Double Mists so I have no idea why I am even bothering to lem something similar to those. Avon Scentini Eau de Toilette are a dual phase fragrance that can be shaken up and misted on. Ummm yeah, I know that drill well! The Double Mists are guilty of causing me to have one or two tumbles (a nice way of saying fall on my ass) in my bathroom when I applied. Thankfully they haven’t gotten me down yet so I better not press my luck….

But these sound lovely enough!

Avon Scentini Eau de Toilette Spray in Plum Twist
A flirtatious fusion of dark plum and red berry topped with a playful praline swirl.

Avon Scentini Eau de Toilette Spray in Citrus Chill
An invigorating splash of juicy mandarin mixed with exotic passionflower and warm amber.

Avon Scentini Eau de Toilette Spray in Rose Fizz
A sparkling fragrance cocktail of fresh rose petals, sun-kissed peach and sexy woods.

Each bottle is $9.99 each and available now at shop.avon.com

Whatcha think worth the effort?



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  • 7/14/11 11:26 Regina:

    Plum Twist sounds yummy and I love the packaging — may check it out 😉


  • 7/26/11 9:31 Vicki:

    I love the Scentinis! Especially Plum Fizz and Citrus Fizz, but I love fruity fragrances in general. I’ve also been a fan of VS LoveSpell for a long time. I thought it was citrus, but I looked it up and it’s actually white jasmine, peach and cherry blossom. I guess the peachy part of the fragrance is what drew me in. Avon mark has a sort of similar fragrance called “mark Sassy Fragrance Mist” which I haven’t tried yet, but it’s on my wishlist. :-) I’m also curious about Avon Romantic Temptations Delicate Musk Body Mist, since it contains “white musk, Georgia peach and Anjou pear.” Yummmmm….


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