Avon SuperShock Liquid Lip Shine Review, Swatches, Photos

Welcome to a new world of lipgloss.

Fall seems to be dominated by bigger, better lipglosses with monster applicators. Smashbox called dibs first and MAC quickly followed with Hard Candy not missing out on the action but all has been quiet ever after those “bigger” lipgloss releases.

However, Avon SuperShock Liquid Lip Shine is the second “big” lipgloss of the Fall season and I’m calling shots that it won’t be the last you see.

Check it!

A super sized lipgloss with a pigmented pop and a glossy finish plus SPF built right in!

I think part of the appeal here is the killer price tag. These retail for $8 each ($4.99 on sale now) and feature a whopping 0.37 oz size! That’s over double the size of a MAC Lipglass at 0.17 oz at half the cost (MAC’s Lipglasses are $14.50 each).

Putting size and value aside I think I love these because of the applicator and application process which allows you to apply gloss easily in one swipe. Avon boasts that the applicator will hold 175% more gloss than a smaller wand and honestly, I completely buy into that since I can easily do my upper and lower lip without every having to re-dip my applicator! I love that the sponge applicator not only saturates well with color but also fits the contour of my lips so comfortably. Truly in the case of lipgloss, bigger really is better and I can’t help but wish all brands would do a similar packaging (size comparison between a MAC gloss and SuperShock one below). How great would a Chanel Glossimer be in this packaging? Wicked ace!

Formula is a step way above the looser, thinner consistency of a Avon Glazewear Lipgloss. This has a thicker formula with very good color pay off. The two shades I tried had excellent pigmentation that went from sheer to medium easily. I thought they wore very comfortably without being too tacky or sticky plus factor in SPF 15 and you have a great gloss for wearin’ and tearin’ both indoors and out. They have a glossy finish with a nice hydration that keeps my lips soft and smooth. The glosses have a fruity, watermelon taste that was not overpowering and very faint background noise in my opinion.

SuperShock Lipgloss is available in eight shades. I tried too which were Melon Madness and Bronze Blitz. Bronze Blitz proved my favorite of the two shades. It’s a shimmery rosy bronze where as Melon Madness was a bright coral melon. Both had nice pigmentation and could be easily worn alone sans lipstick or a stain as they proved to provide excellent color coverage.

The gloss has a shorter wear time so you’re look at about two hours of wear before it disappears and fades away.

  • Anyone who liked MAC Wonderglass (if you missed out on Wonderglass or just wanted more colors here you go).
  • Those wanting a pigmented lipgloss in a larger size for alot less money!
  • Those wanting a comfortable wearing pigmented lipgloss with a shiny finish!
  • Beauty budgeters!

  • Those who want an extra long wearing lipgloss.
  • Those sensitive to fragrance or flavor in their lip products (the flavor was very faint as was the scent but just be aware if you are sensitive to such things).

Overall, Avon SuperShock Liquid Lip Shine isn’t the most incredible lipgloss I’ve ever tried but the price and size are just RIGHT. The gloss has a comfortable feel on my lips and wears well throughout the day but touch ups are a necessary evil. I was duly impressed with the pigmentation as well considering Avon glosses tend to be a bit sheer and lacking in the color department.

I can’t deny the deal here! The best part is the price is so great you really don’t have to settle on just one and can’t just haul all of them if you choose without breaking the bank!

They do, indeed, deserve a Muse Approval.

Available now from shop.avon.com

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  • 7/12/11 15:34 Wendy:

    MUSE, why you create more lemmings for me? WAAAHHH…


    • 7/12/11 15:37 the Muse:

      lol sorry wendy ;D


  • 7/12/11 23:22 Mara:

    LOVE these! i have the melon one and the… fushia i think…no wait LILAC ATTACK lol….


  • 7/13/11 9:36 Telle:

    I didn’t like the hugeness of the mac glass w the wonderwoman collection so I won’t be hauling this but did get two of the duo reflection glosses which I definitely am enjoying. Are you going to haul the new intense eyeshadow duos? They look so yummy!! I want to try the bronzers too…but I stocked up on a few already from Lorac, Too Faced and the body shop. : )


    • 7/13/11 9:38 the Muse:

      aw I loved ’em telle ;-D the pro palette ones? I reviewed them yesterday ;-D http://www.musingsofamuse.com/2011/07/mac-colourizations-pro-palette-eyeshadow-review-swatches-photos.html I sadly didn’t like them le sigh!


      • 7/13/11 9:43 Telle:

        I was just reading about those and I won’t be hauling any of those. I was wondering about the Avon duos tho…there are 5 duos and a better color pairing and better priced too! LOL! will you be hauling and reviewing? 😀
        Have a fabulous day, Muse!! :)


        • 7/13/11 9:44 the Muse:

          oooooooooooooo telle I replied I thought you meant the mac duos! I haven’t seen the avon ones must go look! you too my dear girl!


  • 7/13/11 9:45 Telle:

    S’all good! I shoulda said Avon at the outset 😉 Thanks lovely! And can’t wait to hear what u think about the Avon duos :))


    • 7/13/11 9:46 the Muse:

      got a link telle? I can’t seem to find ’em? Thanks!!!!!! ;D!


      • 7/13/11 9:53 telle:

        boo no! i checked the canadian site (as if in canada we’d ever have anything first! lol) they are in campaign 17, pg. 10. they are called mega impact shadows and come in the following duo colors: berry electric, violet voltage, nude attitude, poolside pop, blue wattage and khaki crazed. maybe the website isn’t updated yet because its a new campaign?? they are described as “add rich and colorful dimensions to your eyes with our smooth, vibrant shades that wear for hours without fading”


        • 7/13/11 9:56 the Muse:

          oooooooooooooo sounds lovely telle ;-D going to check the CA site ;-D perhaps we’ll get them later this year!


          • 7/13/11 10:23 telle:

            check the next campaign! 😀 i am sure that they will be in there. 😀

          • 7/13/11 10:28 the Muse:

            thanks chica ;-D I didn’t find them online!

  • 7/13/11 10:38 telle:

    i know they are not online…i checked too…. :( i can scan in the page, if you’d like! :)


    • 7/13/11 10:44 the Muse:

      yes please I’d love to see if it isn’t any trouble?


  • 7/13/11 11:07 telle:

    sure! 😀 how do i post it?


    • 7/13/11 11:09 the Muse:

      you can upload to photobucket or email it to me? ;D!


      • 7/25/11 13:28 Telle:

        Did ya find them? I ordered a couple! Looking really purdy! Hope they have a nice color payoff! :)


  • 7/13/11 11:22 telle:

    *le blush* i dont know what photobucket is (i am very ignorant in these kinds of computer things…). and my printer is not scanning and i have no idea why….but…i did find this link…


    its on pg. 16-17….


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