Bare Escentuals Pressed Eye Shadow Palettes Bare Minerals Ready Eyeshadow

In a complete 180, Bare Escentuals is set to release pressed eyeshadow palettes for Fall 2011.

Has hell frozen over?


Bare Escentuals will be releasing new press eye shadows for Fall 2011. The Bare Minerals Reader Eyeshadow Palettes have been dubbed 2.0 for the duos and 4.0 for the quads. How techy of them!

They actually promise a super hydrating formula that helps to prevent the loss of collagen in the skin. Supposedly they have anti-aging properties as well…hey, if you’re going to wear eyeshadow might as well be one that promotes anti-aging!

The palettes will be priced at $20 for a duo and $30 for a quad.

These will debut on QVC first and be available in stores later this Fall.

What do you think?

They kinda look cheesy to me, like a press shadow from a mineral e-tailer. I can’t wrap my head around BE doing press shadows.

P.S. I’m crushin’ on Aaron Johnson today, his American accent makes me all mushy inside.

  • 7/5/11 10:23 Crystal:

    Wow, pressed eyeshadow from them is news!


  • 7/5/11 10:29 kimk:

    Oh, BE did pressed shadows years ago – before they became the darling of QVC, and were still a cute funky lil kinda mall shop, and had bath and body things as well. In other words before they sold out and began to suck. (just my humble opinion)

    I actually still have a lot of their pressed shadows – the WAY old BE formulation was much better than it is now, and they had a range of finishes, from matte to way shimmery.

    Looks like everything old is new again, but the old BE really was just minerals… They’ve abandoned their roots so badly I don’t even look at BE anymore… Just a crotchety old fogey, I guess… :)


    • 7/5/11 10:54 the Muse:

      hey kim! I don’t remember that at all ;-D only the old infomercial! I didn’t realize they changed that much!!!!!!!!!!!


  • 7/5/11 10:48 Littlecreek:

    Actually I’m happy they’re doing this. I used to own a lot of BE but having absolutely everything be loose drove me up a wall and I got rid of all of it and haven’t gone back to the brand. I’ll def be picking up one of these. If the color is as nice as the loose stuff was this just might end up being me “reintroduction” to the brand. Yay!


  • 7/5/11 11:52 JoElla:

    KimK remember Escentuals? That was fantab, and I really wish they would bring it back.

    I really don’t know what to think about these. Part of me is YAY! something I can actually travel with, and then a really big part of me is WTH?!

    I think I remember them doing this before.. wasn’t this when they were sold at Garden Botonica?


    • 7/6/11 16:41 Kimk:

      YES!! I sure do – that’s what it was called waaaaay back when! 😀 Y’know, the Garden botanica that was around here didn’t carry Escentuals… I could just get ’em when I travelled someplace that had Escentual shops or off QVC… Sigh… Ah, the good ol’ days.. I really miss the Escentuals bath and body stuff. MAN I loved the Escentual scent…


      • 7/7/11 9:23 Aging_Beauty:

        “Escentuals” fragrance is the most unique scent and my favorite as well! BE released an LE set two years ago during the holidays; I so hope they do it again SOON.


  • 7/5/11 13:02 Musebeliever:

    I love the design of the little palettes !


  • 7/5/11 13:20 Nora:

    Love BE- not sure ill be able to get on board with the pressed shadows.

    FYI- Aaron Johnson is engaged and has a child with a 45yr old. Not okay no matter how ridiculously cute he is! He’s only 20!!!


    • 7/5/11 13:22 the Muse:

      lol doesn’t make him any less cute Nora ;-D sorry!


  • 7/5/11 14:18 peri:

    im excited about this. i have some loose shadows that i love, but i far prefer pressed ones as theyre less messy…i cant seem to use to loose ones without having to perform cleanup on my face afterward.


    • 9/8/11 23:16 Amy G:

      Use their eye primer and you won’t need to use much shadow. Not only will it not crease, you will see the shadow color “pop” instantly. You won’t need to glom on so much shadow. If it’s ending up on your cheeks, you’re using too much shadow. A quality brush designed specifically for minerals makes a big difference, too.


  • 7/5/11 15:49 diane:

    i’m stoked about BE pressed shadows!

    i actually watched about 100 youtubes on how to press pigments and pressed all my BE loose powders since they were too messy for me but the colors/stay power is awesome


  • 7/5/11 22:19 Comrade Garlic:

    They also had a liquid foundation! It was’t too bad. Once again I’m showing my age.


    • 7/6/11 10:04 the Muse:

      lol comrade care to elaborate on your age? curious minds girl!


      • 7/18/11 22:37 Comrade Garlic:

        I’ll be 35 in August. But I still get carded! Always wear SPF kids!


        • 7/20/11 12:21 the Muse:

          damn straight comrade NICE :D!


  • 7/6/11 0:00 Quinctia:

    The packaging is so nice and sleek. I have a BE lipstick that is surprisingly the perfect nude lip for me, but I don’t see myself getting into their eyeshadows.


  • 7/6/11 11:32 Aging_Beauty:

    I’ll never give up my BE loose shadows! NEVER!!!! They’re too sparkly and magical!


  • 10/1/11 12:29 Jennifer:

    I have tested out all of these shadows and for the most part they are really nice, there’s a few colors I’m not that impressed with, but they’re a good deal considering it’s $14 for one shadow and you can get 2 for $20 or the best deal 4 for $30! There is quite a bit of matte colors in these and like some mattes certain colors are a bit patchy, but overall I really do like these pressed shadows and the packaging they’re in are beautiful, somewhat NARS inspired? But sleek, chic, and classy. I’m looking forward to the pressed Mineral Veil as well!


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