Bare Minerals Ready Eyeshadow 2.0 & 4.0

The more info I get about Bare Escentuals Ready Eyeshadow 2.0 & 4.0 the more excited I get. I won’t disclose to you how many loose Bare Mineral Eyeshadows and Glimmers I actually have but it’s a lot dude…! I find I don’t give them enough love as I should since they are an ickle messy when it comes to fall out so the idea of all my favorite shades being available in a press duo or quad is kinda turning me on at the moment!

Check it!

BareMinerals Ready Eyeshadow are indeed a press shadow but they also boast anti-aging benefits powered by Bare Minerals proprietary SeaNutritive Mineral Complex, they deliver seriously impressive anti-aging benefits for a softer, smoother, revitalized eye area.

Bare Minerals left out the icky stuff too like parabens, binders, fillers, and harsh chemicals.

SeaNutritive Mineral Complex is loaded with powerful antioxidants, cold-pressed borage oil, caffeine and cucumber—ingredients which is known to deliver anti-aging benefits including depuffing and antioxidant protection. These shadows look like a powder but feel like a cream with a non-drying formula that delivers a smooth application and skin-renewing benefits.

Ready 2.0 Duos are $20 each and Ready 4.0 Quads are $30

Ready Eyeshadow Palettes will be available in October.

Will you indulge?

  • 7/25/11 16:30 JoElla:

    I do like their eye shadows, but they can be a total PITA when trying to pick out the colors and find the dang pots!

    I like the look of the last quad and I am curious to see what else they come up with.

    Maybe QVC will have a killer BE TSV or kit with these soon. They usually do a AD program around November.


  • 7/25/11 17:29 Brooke:

    Yes, please! These look great! I love the current BE shadows, but I find that they require more time to apply in the mornings than pressed….Well, I guess they aren’t really super time consuming, but I’m just really lazy and NOT a morning person so I don’t like dealing with the fall out :)


  • 7/25/11 18:12 BooBooNinja:

    Hey! Has BE always had their eyeshadows in this shape? I’ve never used them before. I noticed the shape because it looks to be the same as NYX single shadows. I’ve been trying to figure out a neat and inexpensive storage solution for my NYX shadows, should I go the depotting route.
    Anyway, carry on…


  • 7/25/11 19:11 Lindsay:

    Yes I will most definitely indulge! I can’t wait, I adore my BE shadows and I think I’ll fall inlove all over again with the pressed versions.


  • 7/25/11 19:57 2sillybugs:

    Will definitely be trying these.


  • 7/25/11 19:58 Isis:

    I’ve just ordered the bells and whistles collection from qvc, my very first bare esscentuals, after your raves and playing with my neighbours set.


  • 7/25/11 21:43 Freidra:

    If they have decent payoff and offer some mattes, most probably. That top duo reminds me of Nars’s All About Eve. Do you know how many different pairs and quads they’ll be offering, ball park?


  • 7/25/11 21:53 Littlecreek:

    They will be mine, oh yes, they will be mine!


  • 7/26/11 8:04 Arkygal:

    oh yeah…will definitely be trying these…and I know I will love not having the fallout!!


  • 7/26/11 9:48 JenJ:

    *gasp* what is this loveliness??! must…have….these….right…now!


  • 7/26/11 13:24 Kimbers Corner:

    Now – if they did this for blush – I’d be sooooo in. I hate their blushes – too damn time consuming. I love pressed blush!

    Whereas, I wear almost everything else BE – minus a few Bobbi Brown shadows / liners and UD liners.


    • 7/26/11 13:46 the Muse:

      you never know kimber that could be next ;-D!


  • 7/27/11 15:28 KimMWC03:

    Finally! BE was my first venture into “prestige” cosmetics and I all but gave it up a few years ago since I was so sick of the inconvenience of all the separate minerals that spill and make messes. They got smart with the eyeliners and then the recently added those nice primer shadows and now these. Now that just need to do this to the blush. Although, I still prefer UD.


    • 7/28/11 10:48 the Muse:

      oh kim pressed blushes would be brilliant!


  • 7/27/11 23:32 Katy:

    I guess I’m not understanding the “icky mess” or the time-consuming comments? It’s all in the application. Once you get it, it’s simple.


  • 7/28/11 11:04 Kimbers Corner:

    I love BE shadows, and find that they are wonderful colors and don’t mind the application at all – they just get messy when you take them anywhere.

    And with the blush – blech, they are patchy and hard to apply. I love pan blushes because they take like 30 seconds. BE – 2 minutes at least if you want them to be not blotchy.


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