Bath and Body Works Halloween 2011

Bath and Body Works Fall 2011

Thanks to a reader who told me that we can expect to see Bath and Body Works Halloween 2011 starting this Monday, July 25th.


To start off the day right here’s a few images from the collection, can you say Sour Drop Antibacterial Hand Soap?

I die, slay me…!


Bath and Body Works Anti-Bacterial Gentle Foaming Hand Soap Sour Drop
Lightly scented with a sweet blend of watermelon and cantaloupe.

Bath and Body Works Halloween 2011 1

Bath and Body Works Anti-Bacterial Halloween Deep Cleansing Hand Soap Sweet Pea

Bath and Body Works Halloween 2011 2

Slatkin & Co. Halloween Filled Candle Frosted Cupcake

Bath and Body Works Halloween 2011 3

Slatkin & Co. Candle Holder Frankenstein and Jack O’ Lantern

Bath and Body Works Halloween 2011 5

Bath and Body Works Halloween 2011 4

I’m a little disappointing that the cute Skull Hand Soap is in the Sweet Pea fragrance but I’m hoping they’ll release it in other scents. First off Sweet Pea isn’t exactly Fall…? And secondly, I haven’t worn Sweet Pea since high school and really can’t stand the smell of it…!

Since I’m ranting I might as well say I thought that perhaps Sour Drop would smell like perhaps sour grape? Or some sort of sour candy? Watermelon and Cantaloupe? Again, not Fall…

But hey, I’m happy with any bone Bath and Body Works wants to throw me this Halloween!

What about you?

  • 7/21/11 9:38 Courtney:

    OMG I want it all!!! So stinkin cute! I love Halloween


  • 7/21/11 9:41 Mar:

    I kinda want the candle for the sparkly skull. the rest doesn’t really interest


  • 7/21/11 9:42 Kelly:

    Too cute! I think I’m gonna get a few things for sure, especially the candle holders! I’m obsessed with anything halloween so this is perfect for me!


  • 7/21/11 10:16 Promise:

    I definitely agree; I hate Sweet Pea!


    • 7/21/11 10:33 the Muse:

      yak promise :-/


  • 7/21/11 10:29 Carrie:

    Really cute! But I agree about Sweet Pea- haven’t used that scent since I was 16!!


    • 7/21/11 10:32 the Muse:

      DITTO carrie!


  • 7/21/11 10:53 Lauren S.:

    I can’t wait to see what pocket bacs they come out with this year. Vamp blood was my favorite last year!


    • 7/21/11 10:55 the Muse:

      ME too Lauren ;-D very eager!


  • 7/21/11 11:16 Vanessa:

    THE FRANKENSTEIN CANDLE HOLDER!!!! oh man!!!!! it’s been fall here in Vancouver since February, i’m ready for halloweeeeeen!


    • 7/21/11 11:44 the Muse:

      vanessa I could cope with that much fall! I’m moving! ;D!


  • 7/21/11 11:35 kimkats:

    I have to say, those are awfully cute, but the scents are SO weird for fall, and for Halloween! Sweet pea? Halloween? I think not… And teh sour drop – since when is melon sour *anything*??

    that sparkly skull soap dispenser is just too damn cute to say no to, but….. Maybe I’ll swap out the soap in it for a more fall-ish one. A person ought not to have to do that, but…. (jeebus, I sound like an old fart!!) >:(


    • 7/21/11 11:44 the Muse:

      agreed kat! I concur! The melon thing is very misleading but maybe it’ll smell awesome!? ;-D LOL not at all!!!!!!! but MAYBE they’ll come in Fall scents ;-D this is only a hint as what’s to come so hopefully we don’t have to resort to pouring out sweet pea ;D!


  • 7/21/11 11:52 Nunuiviet:

    Just love the candles holder!


  • 7/21/11 12:04 Sara:

    Ahh! I need most of that! Why does B&BW get better Halloweenie stuff each year?

    Oh, did you get the tote from last year? Big, black, covered in skullies? LIsted at $40, but some time after Halloween they were $10 (which is when I got mine :D). I don’t use it as much as I should….but that was a quality purchase right there.


    • 7/21/11 12:16 the Muse:

      but of course when it was on sale sara ;-D hahahaha ;-D we rock!


      • 7/22/11 11:55 Sara:

        Totally. :D


  • 7/21/11 13:24 peri:

    omg, so cute! dammit, im trying to stay out of bath and body works because i have so much smelly crap…but this is SO gonna pull me in! lol.


    • 7/21/11 13:35 the Muse:

      haha peri ;-D I’m so hauling I don’t care!


  • 7/21/11 13:49 Yuliya:

    I saw the Halloween pocketbacs in my store, there were 3 i think. one of them is chocolate chew and it smells EXACTLY like tootsie rolls!!


    • 7/21/11 13:58 the Muse:

      omg so exciting yuli! ;-D I’m really excited *wriggles*


  • 7/21/11 14:40 lexi:

    umm yeah….sweet pea and cupcake don’t scream Halloween or fall now, do they?! strange. I think they still have a way to go on figuring out what kind of scents they want to offer for Halloween goods. :(


    • 7/21/11 16:12 the Muse:

      lexi I HOPE that scents will be better than this b/c they are def not screaming halloween haha!


  • 7/21/11 14:53 Kimber:

    Oh heck I want it all! Thanks for sharing!


    • 7/21/11 14:56 the Muse:

      my pleasure kimber!


  • 7/21/11 16:23 Julianne:

    I have to agree with you about the Sweet Pea fragrance. I know it’s a popular hit, but I just don’t understand it! It’s not my style. However, the skull soap dispenser is SO ADORABLE that I’ll probably be bound to get it anyway. You can always replace the soap with a different one with a fragrance you like anyway, right? :)


  • 7/21/11 19:53 V:

    I just hope there’s a candy corn lipgloss.


    • 7/22/11 12:47 the Muse:

      ME too v!


  • 7/21/11 22:18 Angela:

    Really cute,but seriously what went through their heads when they decided to release Halloween items in Summer and use Summer scents as well? Everyone’s always in such a rush to get to the next season that the seasons are all confused and mixed up now. I can’t wait to buy Easter candy on Christmas day!


  • 7/22/11 3:28 Mara:

    oh that jacko’lantern is pulling at my “buy me” heart strings! autumn/halloween is my fav season/holiday and i LOVE pumpkins and jack’olantern decorations! lol.


  • 7/23/11 0:35 Bailey:

    I WANT the frosted cupcake candle! Too cute!


  • 7/25/11 6:19 Christine:

    I’m REALLY interested in the Sinful Vanilla lotion. It seems to have snuck it’s way onto the website and I haven’t been able to find any additional info. via the web. I wish i’d seen it before placing my online order on Saturday. Wonder if any additional scents are planned.


    • 7/25/11 9:20 the Muse:

      hey christine I saw..looks cute…there’s actually a sign up form to be alerted to new halloween goodies as they pop up so I suspect we’ll see more goodies soon!


  • 9/11/12 15:44 michelle:

    Hello, I came across your blog as I was looking for what Bath and Body works had last year. I swear they had a skeleton candle holder in addition to the pumpkin and the frankenstien. Do you remember? I bought them last year and now I can’t find where I put them. I got the new Frankenstien and Bride of Frankenstien this year but I wanted to pull out my items from last year as well. I keep looking everywhere online for the skeleton candle holder but I don’t see anything about it.
    Thank you!


    • 9/11/12 15:46 the Muse:

      hi michelle not sure only recall the frankie from last year and the pumpkin but not a skeleton maybe you got it at yankee candle.


      • 9/11/12 16:44 michelle:

        Thank you for the quick response. I think I am loosing my mind and am probably mistaken. Since I can’t find my pumpkin from last year, I will just have to buy another one tonight on my way home from work. ;o)

        Thank you again! =)


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