Bath and Body Works Liplicious Double Delish Lip Gloss


I wish Bath and Body Works would stop releasing new Liplicious Lipglosses. I can’t keep up! Thanks to a reader who mentioned that they’ll be releasing not one, not two, not three, but TEN Halloween Lipglosses….jeepers I could so have done without knowing that.

But Halloween is decades away and today my lemmings are centered on the new Bath and Body Works Liplicious Double Delish Lip Gloss.

I so don’t need more lipgloss.



Bath and Body Works Liplicious Double Delish Lip Gloss Apple Cinnamon
A delicious blend of crisp apple and sweet cinnamon. Pink and neutral side-by-side shimmer.

Bath and Body Works Liplicious Double Delish Lip Gloss Peanut Butter & Jelly
A creamy blend of delicious peanut butter and sweet jelly. Bronze and berry side-by-side shimmer.

Bath and Body Works Liplicious Double Delish Lip Gloss Strawberry Lemonade
A sweet combination of fresh strawberries and refreshing lemonade. Pink and gold side-by-side shimmer.

Bath and Body Works Liplicious Double Delish Lip Gloss Salted Caramel
A tantalizing twist of sweet and creamy caramel with a touch of salt. Bronze and white side-by-side shimmer.

I love the Peanut Butter & Jelly one!


Available now at Bath and Body Works.

  • 7/11/11 14:13 Tammie:

    Interested in Strawberry Lemonade but after getting a few of these before I dunno if I want to spend that much on em :|. Sounds so yummy though!


  • 7/11/11 16:01 Bailey:

    I so want the PB&J one!


  • 7/11/11 16:53 jenniet2002:

    the Salted Caramel is to die for-I got two!!!!


  • 7/11/11 21:31 Ally:

    Haha you are sooooooooooooo welcome for telling you about the Halloween ones. Official release date we are hearing is Aug 15. But some people are saying half will come out on 7/25. So who the heck knows.


    • 7/12/11 14:42 the Muse:

      H ally that was you! *tackle Hug* Sorry I forgot who told me :-/ YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY can’t wait *wriggles*


  • 7/11/11 21:35 Marie:

    I just picked up two of these today! I’m excited to try them. I just hate how expensive they are! :(


    • 7/12/11 14:42 the Muse:

      me too marie I hate being forced into a three purchase so that the price will go down :-/!


  • 7/11/11 21:45 diane:

    i need the peanut butter and jelly. NEED!!! omg.


  • 7/11/11 22:12 tiny:

    Oh Em Effing Gee! I NEED ALL 4!!!!!!!!


  • 7/12/11 2:38 Marilyn @ Lipgloss and Spandex:

    PB&J?! I’m intrigued :)


  • 7/12/11 9:07 Regina:

    PB&J, here I come!!!!


  • 7/12/11 11:53 Telle:

    I’m not sure how pb&j and strawberry& lemonade constitute Halloween themed flavors? In any case, finally! A halloween gloss release!! yay! :)


    • 7/12/11 11:55 the Muse:

      they don’t telle. I was saying that they are releasing 10 new shades for Halloween. Hope this helps :)


      • 7/12/11 11:57 Telle:

        It does help! :) me thought these would be coming out then.! This is doubly exciting! Yay! 😀


        • 7/12/11 11:58 the Muse:

          these are already out 😀 Halloween ones late August early Fall :)


  • 7/12/11 12:00 Telle:

    You bring such good news today!!!! 😀 I dont need more bbw glosses either…but it isn’t about need! 😉 thanks, Muse! For this and everything 😀


    • 7/12/11 12:00 the Muse:

      aw my pleasure! *hugs* ;-D thank YOU!


  • 7/17/11 14:59 Mariel:

    I just got my paws on Strawberry Lemonade, and it’s so yummyz! It’s sweet and tangy and just so perfect for summer. :)

    Great post, Muse! Now I’m REALLY excited about the other flavours. I want PB&J! Yum!


    • 7/18/11 9:39 the Muse:

      sounds lovely mariel ;-D def want the pb&j too girl!


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