Bath and Body Works PocketBac Lunch Box Anti-Bacterial Hand Gels & Bath and Body Works PocketBac Donuts Anti-Bacterial Hand Gels

I rarely eat brekkie or lunch but I think I’ll start packing my bento box again and include some of the new Bath and Body Works PocketBac Lunch Box Anti-Bacterial Hand Gels!

So cute!

And for dessert I can go with their new Donuts Collection!

I’m not really tired of PocketBacs yet so I had to share and squeal!


Bath and Body Works PocketBac Lunch Box Anti-Bacterial Hand Gels $1.50 Each or 5 for $5
Available Scents:

  • Bag of Grapes
  • Juice Box
  • PB & J Sandwich
  • Honey Pretzel
  • Marshmallow Treat

Bath and Body Works PocketBac Donuts Anti-Bacterial Hand Gels $1.50 Each or 5 for $5
Available Scents:

  • Jelly Jam Donut
  • Blueberry Cake Donut
  • Cinnamon Glazed Donut
  • Chocolate Creme Donut
  • Raspberry Frost Donut

Whatcha think?

Hauling any for your lunch box?

At first glance I thought the pretzel one would smell like mustard ha!

  • 7/6/11 11:24 Fey:

    OMG cute. This is so perfect for a return to school. I’m kind of skeptical of the chocolate scented doughnut one…chocolate scents can be difficult to reproduce, and BBW’s hand gels can smell kind of off sometimes. I’ll definitely try it!


  • 7/6/11 11:28 Karla:

    I picked up the PB & J one and the Juice box one last week when I went to the Rubber Ducky Sale and I love how realistic the PB & J one smells! I can barely smell the alcohol in it!


    • 7/6/11 11:39 the Muse:

      ahhh that’s so good to hear karla, I haven’t smelled them yet but I’m totes a PB&J girl!


  • 7/6/11 11:34 2sillybugs:

    Thanks for sharing, too cute! Need to pick up a few for my kiddos as a back-to-school surprise. Hey, Muse, you really should eat a little protein for breakfast especially since you don’t eat lunch. Can you tell, I’m a Mom, LOL! Enjoy your day.


    • 7/6/11 11:41 the Muse:

      lol sillybugs ;-D will do! I feel like I have no time to eat in the day! Occasionally I try to head out to lunch if possible but there aren’t enough hours mom…err I mean Sillybugs ;-D Aw that’s cute to include them with your kid’s lunches!


  • 7/6/11 11:34 Andrea:

    PB&J?! This just made my day :)


    • 7/6/11 11:37 the Muse:

      me too andrea ;D!


  • 7/6/11 12:02 jennifer:

    i had to have the honey pretzel one! it smells ahhhhmazing!


  • 7/7/11 2:39 Mara:

    these are too cute! i need to get me some, well if i like the smells after testing lol


  • 7/10/11 0:04 dina:

    so freakin’ cute!! can’t wait to ck these out.


  • 7/10/11 10:54 Nhung:

    they don’t sell these here in Holland :(


  • 7/19/11 7:46 Sherry:

    can i order one set? haw can get my order? is there a free rubber on it that can hung on my bag?


  • 1/21/13 10:02 novi:

    please add my pin blackberry because i want to order

    thank’s so much (^_~)


    • 1/21/13 10:03 the Muse:

      i don’t know what you mean novi


  • 9/7/14 1:02 Ashley Andrews:

    Hello! Would you be interested in selling any of the lunchbox collection pocketbacs?


  • 10/12/14 13:09 Heidi:

    Can i buy both sets!?


  • 10/18/14 18:18 Emma:

    Are both sets still available for purchase? Thanks


  • 2/16/15 0:56 Sophia:



  • 2/19/15 21:42 Emily:

    I will buy it.


    • 2/19/15 21:59 Brooke Crowe:

      I wanted these for christmas but my mom couldn’t find them I have been everyday searching for it and I really want them. I don’t have a lot of friends but maybe if I get the lunch box collection people will like me. all the cool girls have the lunch box collection while I have sweet pea and Daning waters I do sound like a desprite little girl but if I got these I would be over joyed and I just want to fit in. At my focus group my director told me that I would get the lunch box collection and I Acually belived him but now I have given up but your site is the last one that I can find. You name any website bath and body works, EBay,Amazon you name it and I have been on that website propably looking for it. When I was on this one website It was the whole collection for $50.00 I couldn’t afford that but now I can afford this❤️
      Thank you! Please read this and hear me out.
      Love brooke


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