Beauty on a Budget: NYX Retractable Eyeliners and Lip Liners

NYX has new Retractable Eyeliners and Lip Liners available! I’m a huge fan of MAC Technakohl so I’m quite excited to give these a whirl.

Check it!

NYX Retractable Eyeliners $4.50


  • White
  • Black
  • Aqua Green
  • Brown
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Lime Green
  • Silky Cashmere
  • Turquoise Blue
  • Gray
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Blue Eyes
  • Deep Blue
  • Bronze
  • Golden Olive
  • Deep Purple
  • Gypsy Blue

NYX Retractable Lip Liner $4.50


  • Natural
  • Nectar
  • Jewel
  • Nutmeg
  • Sienna
  • Nude Pink
  • Citrus
  • Sand Beige
  • Ruby
  • Nude
  • Red
  • Dark Red
  • Vanilla Kiss
  • Grapefruit
  • Fruit Punch
  • Plum
  • Cocoa
  • Peony
  • Black Lips

You have to love NYX as they never do a half ass release! Some brands release a product and proceed to give you six shades of the product but not NYX…! Look at the variety of shades they have for a brand new product. Gots to love it. Only thing that’s buzzing in my ear at the moment is I’m wondering if these have a built in sharpener! That’s my pet peeve with MAC’s version, lack of a sharpener.

Whatcha think?

Wanna try ’em?

Available now at

  • 7/11/11 11:15 electronicfly:

    From the photos the ends look solid, so unless it’s in the cap, I have a feeling there won’t be a hidden sharpener =/

    I need to grow more eyes! (ROFL) Too many pretty eyeliners, too little eyes!


    • 7/11/11 12:58 the Muse:

      that’s what I was thinking. damn :-/ lol I need a few pairs of eyes ;D!


    • 10/8/11 15:45 Daisy:

      Ummmm…. wtf? Those are RETRACTABLE pencils. There’s no need for a sharpener, it’s like, the whole point of spending the extra money on a mechanical liner. If you’re sharpening the tip then you’re wasting product unnecessarily. Get an angle going with the natural wear and use of the liner by always drawing using on the same side of the tip.


      • 10/10/11 12:05 the Muse:

        daisy retractable pencils get stubby, it’s nice to have a sharp point. Many retractable pencils now have sharpeners built into the head of the pencil…it’s not wasteful to sharpen them if you want a nice precise point. I personally do not like using a retractable pencil with a dull, stubby point. So I like having the option to sharpen it.


  • 7/11/11 14:35 Misato-san:

    I want more eyes too XDDDD
    and I’d like to try these on me sooner or later.


    • 7/11/11 14:50 the Muse:

      misato tell me about it ;-D Def more eyes maybe another face ;D!


  • 7/11/11 15:40 Annie:

    I can’t wait to try these! Cherry Culture already has these on their website for 3.99 (


    • 7/11/11 15:41 the Muse:

      hooray great steal annie!


  • 7/12/11 2:37 Marilyn @ Lipgloss and Spandex:

    I can’t wait to try these! NYX generally has great, affordable products.


  • 7/12/11 13:06 Daintynymph:

    BLACK lip liner? And here I was just having resigned myself to using eyeliner for black lips! I don’t mind the lack of sharpener, using pencils on the back of my hands to warm them up hones the tip enough for me.


  • 7/13/11 21:00 CK:

    :( i know it’s not good to hold grudges but i still feel the burned by what happened during their anniversary sale.. ughh. i mean.. i don’t do it consciously, but ever since then, i just haven’t been able to get interested in any of their products


    • 7/14/11 9:33 the Muse:

      AW sorry ck! I didn’t indulge so not sure how bad it was :-/


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