Benefit Cosmetics Crescent Row Fragrance Ring My Bella

Contrary to popular belief my name is not “the Muse”, “Musey” or “Muse”. I love the alias with all my heart but I have a real name.

One of my greatest laughs in life is the fact that Christine (Temptalia), after a few years of being blogging friends now, still addresses me as Muse in e-mails, chats, and even in cards she sends me for the Holidays, etc…

I find it very funny.

Way to nail an alias!

Which brings me to the fact that I must haul the new Benefit Crescent Row Fragrance, Ring my Bella, because hey, that’s my name too dude!


I’m actually an Isabella but it’s been broken down to Isabel, Bell, Bella, and most used of all, Izzy.

But hey, I finally have my own Benefit fragrance no matter how shortened the name is.

I smelled Ring My Bella in a fly-be (that’s what I call those loose adverts that FLY out of catalogs or magazines when you open them) in the recent Ulta catalog and it fits me perfect. This is a sweet, fruity floral. I’m not sure of the exact notes but to my nose it smells like the best Crescent Row Fragrance to date, but I’m bias, since it’s named after me and all, you know…!

Bella is exclusive to Ulta and can be purchased online or in stores.

Have you smelled her?


Does she remind you of little old me?


  • 7/13/11 15:57 Resa:

    Aw man, Ulta exclusive? We don’t have Ulta here in Hawaii, but I do want! I love the Crescent Row perfumes


    • 7/13/11 16:36 the Muse:

      grrr sorry Resa…do they ship to Hawaii!?


  • 7/13/11 20:37 Sun:

    Aww, you have a pretty name! And you have to admit, Muse is a great nickname. You and the other Isabellas will take back your name from Twilight! -__- oooh, twilight.


    • 7/14/11 9:43 the Muse:

      lol sun! love you!


  • 7/13/11 21:29 kaoyee:

    I’ve always loved the name Isabella! So exotic.


    • 7/14/11 9:33 the Muse:

      aw shucks thanks kaoyee!


  • 7/14/11 2:04 Asuka:

    Benefit ha paid tribute to my name, too: Georgia. But that face color/blush was too light to make me succumb into buying it :( I hope the perfume suits you!


    • 7/14/11 9:37 the Muse:

      crossing fingers asuka it smelled lovely on the card ;D! oh wait scratch that not asuka, Georgia ;-D love that name!


  • 7/14/11 8:47 Sarah S.:

    Maybe somebody should hybridize your name Muse + Izzy = Muzy! (cheesy sense of humor, sorries!)
    I like Carmella of this line :)


    • 7/14/11 9:05 the Muse:

      I love that sarah lol!!!!


  • 7/14/11 10:15 Telle:

    I’ll have to make a point to check this out when it comes out in Canada, and will think a shout out to you, Muse-iliscious Bella! 😀


  • 7/14/11 10:51 Majick:

    Izzy-B? Really? SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! (one of my fav names of all time) Too cute AND a great name. But I still like “Muse”. 😀


    • 7/14/11 11:02 the Muse:

      ha majick thanks ;-D


  • 7/15/11 0:13 Bridget:

    What a beautiful name, i love that name!!!! Its so crazy to think of you as Bella and not muse. haha!! Isnt cool to get a product with your name on it. You have a name like mine where you dont see things with it on it,so when you do you HAVE to get it!!! : )


  • 8/12/11 10:49 Megan:

    I got a sample of this from a recent Sephora order (weird because I can’t buy it through them…) but I have to say this was instant LOVE. I’m very picky about scents, I hate florals and anything that reminds me of “old lady” perfume, but I don’t really want to smell like a candy shop either (It’ll just make me hungry all day!)

    This has a very fresh and citrusy/sweet smell, with an undercurrent of spice. It reminds me of summer, of sugary indulgences, and has just enough spice to be a grown-up scent despite the sweetness.

    I will most definitely be buying this one in full size, I am impressed with this one!


  • 8/23/11 12:59 Sarah:

    I got a sample of this in the Sephora hat box thingy, and I love it! I’m not a perfume gal normally, but I really like this. The longevity is my only complaint, it seems to fade fairly quickly.


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