Caudalie Fler de Vigne Fresh Energizing Fragrance Review

Caudalie has a few new fragrances available at the moment and feel free to correct me one that’s been repackaged.

Caudalie Fler de Vigne Fresh Energizing Fragrance has been around for a little bit I believe and escaped my notice but it takes a prominent role among the newest fragrance creations from the brand.

Repackaged in a a flattering slimline bottle with Caudalie’s grape emblem embedded on the bottle this shouts freshness without ever having to smell the fragrance inside! Founder and creator of Caudalie, Mathilde Thomas, was inspired to create these fragrances to capture the feeling of walking through her family’s vineyard during the dawn, noon, and dusk moments of her day!

For me Caudalie Fler de Vigne Fresh Energizing is a fresh start that celebrates dawn with a burst of sunshine, rain, and the uplifting, energized feeling of a a new day ahead!


Caudalie Fler de Vigne Fresh Energizing is a fragrance for those who desire a uplifting fragrance that has bursts of freshness combined with citrus to tickle your nose and keep a pep in your step!

The fragrance starts off with bursts of energizing grapefruit and mandarin. These citrus notes dominate the blend and have a certain crisp tartness to them where as lemon and orange play along in the background making the fragrance into a very hard citrus. Green mate and blackcurrant lend a certain fruity green note to the fragrance that’s delicate where as Sandalwood and cedar warm the fragrance up and add a layer of complexity.

The fragrance reminds me of a walking through a grassy field after a rain storm. It smells of sunshine after the rain combined with grassy and earthy elements. It’s refreshing, energizing, and truly evokes the feeling of strolling through a French vineyard at the crack of dawn.

Beautiful and so very Caudalie!

Caudalie Fler de Vigne Fresh Energizing is available now from for a very affordable $36. Well worth a purchase for those who like crispy citrus scents with green notes!

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  • 7/13/11 15:46 Janet Shepherd:

    I love the whole concept of these perfumes, I might have to go sniff ’em and see!


    • 7/13/11 15:54 the Muse:

      Janet they are proving lovely so far ;D! if you sniff ’em lmk whatcha think?


  • 7/13/11 19:45 Anna:

    Hola Muse,
    Can they be sniffed in person anywhere. My chemistry tends to turn scents and i \would love to check these out before I buy

    Thank you,.


    • 7/14/11 9:44 the Muse:

      ‘ello anna ;-D mmm maybe Sephora…they carry Caudalie! Or maybe call Caudalie and see if they have some samples to send out to you? Worth trying eh?


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