E.L.F. Cosmetics Back to Cool Blush & Bronzer Palette Target Exclusive Review, Swatches, Photos

I know you guys are pretty excited about the E.L.F. Back to Cool Collection that’s available exclusively at Target. The complete list of products coming out can be found by clicking here.

I didn’t have images to share on my original post but I was lucky enough to get some products to try out and swatch and review for you as there are alot of questions about whether these are similar to what E.L.F. already has on offer on its main site!

So far, to me, these look completely new but feel free to correct me.

Let’s take a peek first at the E.L.F. Cosmetics Blush & Bronzer Palette!


A quad featuring two shades of blush and two shades of bronzer for $3!

If you’re an E.L.F. Cosmetics fan or just a student on a budget looking for a quad of blush and bronzer shades you might want to check this little guy out. It’s marked as $3 which is quite an affordable option for student’s who are busy pinching pennies.

This comes housed in a really cute memo pad style packaging. I’m not sure if you want to dub these as part of the Studio line or the Essentials line. I’m leaning towards saying it sports Studio packaging but the quality is reserved more for the Essentials Line. The powders come housed in a black compact with a flip top and no mirror.

Both the blush and bronzer have a nice smooth, silky formula and sheer to medium pigmentation. In my experience with E.L.F. Studio Blushes I felt like these were a step down in terms of color pay off and overall formula. They blend easily and offer a nice swatch of color on cheeks and face but aren’t as pigmented as the Studio Blushes.

The quad is made up of a light shade of baby pink, a deeper shade of pink, a creamy caramel beige, and a dark muddy brown. You can double the bronzers up as a contouring powder if you want.

There isn’t alot bad here but if you’re more of a high end girl you’ll definitely feel the product is a step down.

  • Anyone on a budget seeking a cheaper range of blush and bronze that perform decently.
  • Anyone looking for a quad of bronzer and blush in one for a decent price.
  • Those who likes cooler shades of pink and warmer bronzers.

  • Those who like higher end makeup!

I don’t recommend or suggest E.L.F. for true makeup snobs. It’s a fact you aren’t going to love this kind of makeup if you’re a mid to high end makeup buyer but if you’re on a budget and you want a palette that features several useful shades of blush and bronzer for under $5 this has your name written all over it. These is a nice selection of shades for those on a beauty budget. Formula is quite good, packaging is slim and travels easily, and color pay off isn’t half bad. I’d say you have all the makings here of a nice budget pick but the only thing I’d change would be to include a brush for application.

The E.L.F. Cosmetics Back to Cool Target Collection will be available July 10th.

Have you seen the collection yet at your Target?

Planning to haul any of it?

Do share!


This review contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR.
Read my full disclosure statement here.

  • 7/8/11 13:47 Katy Eridao:

    at $3 i might have to check these out! my favorite blush though is from wet n wild and i can get those for $2.69 at harmons :) hehe


  • 7/8/11 14:09 Caroline:

    Looks lovely!


  • 7/8/11 14:11 Sarah:

    Are those bronzers matte then? I don’t like to contour my cheeks with shimmer….


    • 7/8/11 14:15 the Muse:

      yup sarah :)


      • 7/8/11 14:21 Sarah:

        Oooh must have!


  • 7/8/11 16:19 JoleneAL:

    My Target doesn’t carry e.l.f. :(


  • 7/8/11 18:42 Nora:

    Oh, I’m sad. The bronzers look fabulous, but those pinks…too…ugh bright pink. I don’t think those will be very flattering.


    • 9/3/14 19:59 erica:

      Yes, too Barbie pink for me too!


  • 7/9/11 9:48 Darijo:

    There’s definitely not enough companies that make blush pallettes


  • 7/9/11 16:20 Helen:

    I can’t wait! I been looking for this everywhere! Do you recommend other ELF stuff?


    • 7/11/11 9:12 the Muse:

      hi helen…elf is a little hit and miss for me ;-D but my archives contain TONS of reviews that should be helpful ;-D! just click the elf category on the left hand sidebar and they’ll all appear!


  • 7/12/11 9:00 Tricia:

    I’ll definitely watch out for this one! Thanks Muse <3


    • 7/12/11 10:12 the Muse:

      my pleasure tricia!


  • 7/19/11 11:08 melissa:

    are the shades completely different from those on the E.L.F. Studio Contouring Blush and Bronzing Duo?


    • 7/19/11 11:35 the Muse:

      not sure melissa I don’t have the the blush/bronzing duo.


  • 9/16/11 19:59 sweettea:

    are some of these colors off the elf studio line? i can’t tell


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