Givenchy Je Veux La Lune Fall 2011 Makeup Collection

Givenchy goes extremely goth and vampy this Fall with their new Je Veux La Lune Collection.

When I saw the promo images I was thinking Wednesday Adams for some reason…those lips are so incredibly sexy! I wish I can do vamp like that!


Givenchy Les Ombres de Lune $58
An illuminating powder for cheeks, eyes, complexion and an intense eye shadow for a twilight effect.

Shades Available:

  • Lune Mysterieuse No. 1 Black moon in a Creamy White Sky
  • Lune Mordoree No. 2 Night blue moon in a Golden Sky

Givenchy Le Prisme Blush-Glow

Shades Available:

  • Lune Rosee No. 41 (LE)

Givenchy Rouge Interdit

Shades Available:

  • Lune Carmin No. 52 (sensual red) (LE)

Givenchy Gloss Interdit

Shades Available:

  • Lune Carmin No. 31 (sensual red) (LE)

  • Givenchy Gelee d’Interdit

Shades Available:

  • Lune Argentee No. 15 Opalescent veil (LE)

Givenchy Magic Khol

Shades Available:

  • Marine Blue No. 16

What do you think of Givenchy’s Fall look?

I’m curious if the blush will be as vibrant and captivating in person as it is in the promo image.


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  • 7/14/11 19:34 Roxerz:

    Givenchy Les Ombres de Lune looks interesting! I like the way how the colors are different in contrast and the shape is like1/4 of a circle.


  • 7/14/11 19:36 Eve:

    Interesting, I wasn’t expecting those colors after seeing the model! They didn’t seem to go together except maybe the lipcolors.


  • 7/14/11 19:47 Tammie:

    Very interested in the blush although I don’t know if I can cough up high-end prices for blush yet…so far I can only justify lip products for some reason lol.


  • 7/14/11 21:06 Hai Dao L:

    pretty collection, but the title makes me laugh!
    “i want the moon” đŸ˜›


    • 7/15/11 9:57 the Muse:

      and the stars and the sun Hai ;D


  • 7/15/11 11:24 Majick:

    for some reason I can only see the first pic. ANy suggestions? I’m really tech challenged.


    • 7/18/11 14:52 the Muse:

      weird…reload majick!?


  • 7/15/11 13:31 Sara:

    Actually feeling kinda “meh” about this collection….maybe it’ll wow me in person or something. I already rock pale daily! As awesome as vampy lips look in photos I think I’m getting too old to do them. :(


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