Harajuku Lovers Super G Fragrance

Harajuku Lovers Super G Fragrance flies onto shelves in August, pun intended.

Let’s take a peek!

Gwen if you keep making Harajuku Lovers Fragrances, I’ll keep buying ’em particularly if they are dressed as a Super Hero!

Meet Super G, the next and newest Harajuku Lovers Fragrance.

According to the Harajuku Lovers Facebook, Super G will include notes in pineapple, mandarin, freesia, banana, musk, vanilla and raspberry.

I wanna see Super G take on really cool, suave villains like Sōsuke Aizen. She can kill him with cuteness! Or a blast of fruity perfume!

  • 7/5/11 15:42 Jessica:

    Yummmm! and UBER cute packaging, think i’ll be getting me some’a that… and the Mac Semi Precious range.. drool!


  • 7/5/11 15:45 Eve:

    That bottle alone makes me want it! HHNNGGGG /nosebleed


    • 7/5/11 15:53 the Muse:

      LOL eve omg cracked up at the nosebleed haha!


  • 7/6/11 3:39 Nhung:

    OMG! I want it!!! I don’t care if it will smell badly, the bottle is awesomee!!


  • 7/6/11 8:08 Sarah S.:

    OMG YES!!! I am still lovin’ the little mermaid G. I cannot resist Harajuku Lovers ^.^;;


  • 7/6/11 13:59 mon:

    Whoa! G took on the sea and now she takes to the sky! Soo cute! Maybe next G could be in a flying saucer going to the moon?


    • 7/6/11 14:08 the Muse:

      I’d buy that Mon! anything to do with space ;D!


  • 7/10/11 0:12 dina:

    so flippin’ cute!!! killing me . ..


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