Hourglass Film Noir Lash Lacquer

Here’s an interesting little pick for dramatic lashes this Fall.

Hourglass Film Noir Lash Lacquer is a mascara topcoat that paints on and leaves behind an inky black shine.

Mmm patent leather for your lashes!

You top your lipstick with gloss, your nail polish with a clear coat, why not a topcoat for your lashes?

Check it!

Hourglass Film Noir Lash Lacquer worn over mascara gives lashes a bit of extra drama! This unique topcoat features a brush applicator and a latex-like formula that fans lashes out will delivering a false eyelash effect!

It sounds way interesting doesn’t it?

Hourglass Film Noir Lash Lacquer will be available exclusively at Sephora and Sephora.com for $28.

What do you think?

  • 7/27/11 20:17 Dana:

    WANT! WANT! WANT! But I hate spending that much on a mascara type product. You can find tons of great drugstore mascaras for the cheap, but this is so unique I might have to just ignore the price and get it. Thankfully we have lots of wonderful beauty bloggers now (Thank You Muse) that I can see products in action before buying.


    • 7/28/11 10:20 the Muse:

      aw shucks thanks dana *blush*


  • 7/27/11 20:33 Isis:

    well it looks interesting, not sure I’d be bothered with it though… but I do wonder if it’s like laure geller’s lash varnish?


  • 7/27/11 21:00 katrosado:

    hmmm, this looks mighty interesting. I’m a sucker for new gimmicks 😀


  • 7/27/11 21:55 Cait:

    hmmm…wouldn’t it make your mascara clump? interesting idea though…


    • 7/28/11 10:15 the Muse:

      they suggest not using it with certain mascaras as you will get clump-age!


  • 7/27/11 22:44 Hai Dao L:

    I sure hope it doesn’t smell like varnish 0.o


  • 7/28/11 4:25 ann:

    HM, seems a lot like one of the ends of the guerlain le 2 volume mascara I have (it’s a 2 ended mascara)! The guerlain has a doe foot applicator on one of the ends that picks up black ink that you can also paint your lashes with! Personally, I love it!


  • 7/28/11 4:46 Asuka:

    I would really love such a finish for the lashes! Will it be convenient to wear? Muse, since you follow Japanese releases, you must have come across Top coats for mascaras that Kose, Kiss, Sofina – maybe more companies, too – do. They have glitter that give a glossy/wet appearances to the lashes – not “dandruff” effect. I’ ve tried a Sofina top coat. It looked fantastic! However, it was so rigid, that my lashes hurt from the lack of flexibility :(


    • 7/28/11 10:17 the Muse:

      hi asuka oh gosh I never SO many from sana, sofina, kiss, etc…..! all kinds of glittery topcoats…! mmm I never don’t experience the rigid issues with these, how odd. Not sure about Hourglasses version though!


  • 7/28/11 15:30 Resa:

    I’d love to try it, since I love Hourglass’s products. But knowing me, I’d stab myself in the eye with that applicator!


    • 7/28/11 16:11 the Muse:

      oh resa girl I’d so stab an eye out…;-D lol!


  • 7/28/11 19:05 Ruthless:

    Since I have SO many mascaras already I decided to get this instead of fairy lash. It’s wonderfully black and shiny but does it make a difference? I am not sold on it yet, it has the potential to clump the heck out of your lashes and I have yet to master it. It may go back next week


  • 7/28/11 19:58 catherine:

    hard candy has their lash ink…it’s actually pretty amazing. I wore it to the beach with NO smuding or running. plus it’s only $7 lol


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