Justin Bieber Singing Toothbrush DO NOT WANT

I use a Radius Toothbrush and get my fair share of weird looks when anyone I know sees it.


I guess it is kinda freaky looking!

But I’ll tell you one thing mine is normal compared to a Justin Bieber Singing Toothbrush.

Do not want!

I make no secret of my dislike of the Bieb. He’s just annoying. Sorry if you’re a fan.

For those easily annoyed by him you might want to skip out on this toothbrush that plays a two minute Bieb duet (the destinated time you should be brushing your teeth) as you brush.

I guess if nothing else it works as a great timer to make sure you’re brushing your pearly whites for the right amount of time.

Although I can’t speaking for actually surviving through “Baby” for two minutes, chances are I’d fling this across the room or stomp on it till it stopped.

My ears! Oh god my ears!

Do not want.

But crazy fan girls can get one at justinbiebertoothbrush.com.

There’s also floss for the really hardcore fans!

  • 7/25/11 11:50 electronicfly:

    It’ll be good for emergency rooms as a vomit inducer.


  • 7/25/11 11:50 Marina:

    Really? Do NOT want. Ew,


  • 7/25/11 12:05 Anna Crystal:

    I SO had to laugh out loud


  • 7/25/11 12:28 Sana:

    … for some reason, I had Barney flashbacks. A toothbrush that reminds me of something from 15 years ago? Just creepy…

    Though I might want to gift that as a joke to some guys I know, just to gauge their reactions to it.


    • 7/25/11 13:10 the Muse:

      ha barney sana ;-D!!!!


  • 7/25/11 13:31 Telle:

    That is so funny! I wonder if I woulda got one if they had singing tooth brushes for BSB or NKOTB back in the day…LOL :)


  • 7/25/11 13:39 Eve:

    What is this I don’t even…


  • 7/25/11 13:57 tiny:

    BUAHAHAHAHH! I was JUST telling my husband that I saw those at Walgreens right before coming here and seeing this!!! LMFAOOOO!

    p.s. what’s so weird about the radius toothbrush?


  • 7/25/11 15:03 JoElla:

    The hell?

    Oh please don’t let little miss cranky pants see this!!


    • 7/25/11 15:05 the Muse:

      LOL jo ;-D can’t get away from the kids wanting one ;D!


  • 7/25/11 15:09 Christine:

    Oh my goodness, why did I press play on that video? WHY?!?

    If that played in my head for 2 mins while I brushed my teeth, oh my goodness. I’d go into a mad rage or something.

    But, what is this Radius toothbrush? It looks interesting! I Googled and it’s extra big? Why do you like it over other toothbrushes, Muse?


  • 7/25/11 16:37 katrosado:

    haha! I want to get this as a gag gift for someone. I had no idea they made them.


  • 7/25/11 18:09 Lillypug:

    That would make me want to stop brushing my teeth and gag myself.


  • 7/25/11 19:36 Mango:

    I don’ t brush my teeth enough to begin with. A toothbrush like this i would avoid the bathroom altogether. Eeeek!


  • 7/27/11 1:06 Bridgette:

    That’s just amazing… in a really, really stupid way.

    I suppose if you’re a hardcore fan, that’s an interesting injection of the beibs into your life. Otherwise it’s just creepy.
    Still, I need to get it for a gag gift. Muhahaha.


    • 7/27/11 10:12 the Muse:

      PERFECT gag gift bridgette ;D


  • 7/28/11 20:13 Lily:

    Too much money to spend and too little brain to use.


  • 6/4/12 9:56 Destiny:

    I just happen to be a HUGE fan!! I have two of the singing toothbrushes;)


  • 3/19/13 5:41 RabbitwithFangs:

    Realise this is a *very* old response but there is Lady Gaga one too. I actually love Lady Gaga so I got one just as a souveneir. I have a feeling though that she may be dropping off the radar for good, which is a shame.


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