Lush B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful Shower Gel

Once upon a time B Never Too Busy Too Be Beautiful was Lush Cosmetic’s younger sister. She gifted Lush fans with an array of beautiful fragrances and makeup.

Sadly, she isn’t around anymore….!

The good news is she makes a guest starring appearance from time to time in Lush shops and online. I’m actually still waiting for one of my beloved fragrances from B, Keep it Fluffy, to return one day….! Please? Please! Please!?

Fans of the brand will be ever so delighted at the return of a shower gel from B Never.


B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful, an ode to the brand, makes a revisit to Lush. This is a luxuriously thick honey scented shower gel in the traditional B Never scent!

Do you remember this shower gel?

Back again at

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