NARS’s Loves New York Set NARS’s Loves San Francisco Set

NARS Loves ya baby…well, they love you if you live in New York or San Francisco!

There new sets feature an array of facial and eye goodies to spread the love for New York and San Francisco and let me tell you, I need Golden Gate Bridge Blush, seriously? I need it!

If you can’t get away this Summer have a staycation with these cool sets from NARS!

Check it!

NARS’s Loves New York Set $75 (Set is packaged in a soft zip pouch)

  • NARS Uptown Girl Duo Eyeshadow, a yellow-green shimmer and a smoky charcoal gray (exclusive to the set!)
  • NARS New York Single Eyeshadow, a sophisticated plum brown (exclusive to the set!)
  • NARS Orgasm Blush, a sheer, peachy-pink with golden shimmer
  • NARS Soho Nail Polish, a modern black grape (exclusive to the set!)

NARS’s Loves San Francisco Set $75 (Set is packaged in a soft zip pouch)

  • NARS Haight Asbury Duo Eyeshadow – a metallic green paired with dove gray (exclusive to the set!)
  • NARS Angel Island Eyeshadow – a sheer lilac shimmer (exclusive to the set!)
  • NARS Golden Gate Bridge Blush – a sheer, shimmering 24k gold (exclusive to the set!)
  • NARS Alamo Nail Polish – a subtle, sexy, beautiful bronze pink (exclusive to the set!)

The sets are available for a limited time exclusively at

Whatcha think?

Loves ’em?

Leaves ’em?

I’m yearning that gold blush!

  • 7/7/11 17:34 Tammie:

    Muse if you need help I live in the Bay Area and can order that for you? Email me if you want me to help you out


  • 7/7/11 18:35 Courtney:

    That gold blush definitely has me intrigued. I’d love to see it swatched.


  • 7/7/11 18:38 Claudia:

    Loving the San Fran set, except for the blush. Unsure if I can pull off gold blush. Thoughts?


    • 7/8/11 9:13 the Muse:

      i think they mean it more for a highlighter Claudia than an all over blush unless you have super dark skin…that might really pop on dark skin ;-D! I prob def couldn’t pull off gold blush all over my face haha!


      • 7/8/11 16:51 Claudia:

        Hmmm as a highlighter that would be lovely Muse! Yes I am very pale and at first couldn’t quite believe my eyes at first! Now I am def loving everything..including the blush!


  • 7/7/11 19:32 tiny:

    I’ve still yet to buy Orgasm… I’m a little late on that bandwagon, but it’s on my wants list.. I think I need both of these sets.. that gold blush looks UH-MAY-ZING!


  • 7/7/11 19:49 Sarah S.:

    Wow, I want that golden blush, too! Are you going to get and review this? I don’t really like NARS packaging, though… winds up so dirty-looking. I had to buy a fan brush to put on their blushes, too, because their pigmentation makes it easy to clown-cheek. Not a fan of sheer eyeshadow… d’oh, wish I could just get the yellow gold blush!


  • 7/7/11 22:07 Quinctia:

    I’d have to see how that blush swatched. Without any sort of red pigment, that might actually work for me.


  • 7/8/11 1:02 Erica:

    Wow… I’m so sad I’m not in NY right now because I’d SO buy it. Actually, i wonder if I can get away with shipping it to my mom’s.


  • 7/8/11 1:09 Linh:

    OMG, Muse! These sets are awesome, especially the SF one (since I am a San Franciscan =P). The gold blush looks amazing, def a step away from Orgasm (which is a tad overplayed in my opinion).


    • 7/8/11 9:04 the Muse:

      linh dontcha just love that blush omg ;-D!


  • 7/8/11 12:45 Alyson:

    ooohhh I love that new york single eyeshadow


  • 7/8/11 16:42 Majick:

    was loving the NY set until they got to orgasm blush – give it up already Francois. How many orgasms can one woman have?
    WAIT…don’t answer that. LOL

    The San Fran kit looks rockin and the color combos are pretty original. (imho)


  • 7/9/11 21:25 Laura:

    Thanks for this post! I ended up ordering the SF set. The NY set looks nice but both New York and Orgasm are perm so the only thing I’d use is the duo


    • 7/11/11 9:11 the Muse:

      awesome Laura ;-D Hope you’ll tell me all about the blush!!!!


  • 7/11/11 3:21 wanda:

    I ordered as soon as I saw this post! And for the ones who hesitate on getting this set, I found swatches here – (It’s written in Chinese but it’s also in our common language – MAKEUP!)


    • 7/11/11 14:55 the Muse:

      oh cheers wanda thanks for the swatchies ;-D! yay!


  • 7/20/11 14:04 Lisa:

    I order both sets, and LOVE them. I am planning on switching up the colors between the sets and make my own “Nars loves Lisa” colors. I am so glad that I ordered when I did, because they appear to be gone now.


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