Neutrogena Ulta Sheer Liquid Daily Sun Protection SPF 55 Review

This Summer felt like the Summer of the SPF. SPF has evolved a fair bit this year and I’m seeing more and more options that offer a higher SPF factor of 50 and up. Such products are the norm in the Asian market however here in the US we tend to stick to the 30 range.

Another interesting evolution is drugstore makeup brands offering SPF options. Asia is flooded with a variety of SPF products and brands in particular offer not only color cosmetic options but also an SPF product or several. It’s very rare that there isn’t some SPF option available from most brands in Asia.

Versus here in the US, where we don’t normally see our favorite brands such as say Maybelline or Revlon offering a product available exclusively for sun protection.

Neutrogena changes all that with it’s new Ulta Sheer Liquid Daily Sun Protection. Does this mean we’ll see more drugstore brands offering SPF products all their own?

Let’s hope so!

An SPF 55 fluid for protecting against the sun!

This is exactly what you’d commonly find in many Japanese and Asian drugstores right down to the packaging, formula, and price tag. I have any number of similar SPF products from Asia that basically perform, look, and have cost me the same thing as Neutrogena Ulta Sheer Liquid Daily Sun Protection SPF 55.

This comes in a small (1.4oz) squeeze tube with a dropper style nozzle for easy, mess-free application. The formula is a milky traditional facial SPF fluid. It isn’t creamy but has a watery, runny texture that absorbs easily and leaves behind a matte finish. The formula is waterproof and oil free so it won’t leave your face looking or feeling oily after use. It layers beautifully under foundation or over moisturizer. The products protects against sun damage and sun burn.

I like it alot but it does have an SPF scent going on. It starts off fresh and begins to smell rather yuck as you massage it in but this quickly dissipates.

Like many facial SPF products it does dry skin a bit particularly if you have already dry skin over time.

  • Anyone looking for a high level SPF for less ($9.99 makes this is a steal).
  • Anyone looking for an easy to incorporate into their daily routine SPF.
  • Those looking for a quick absorbing, lightweight SPF.

  • Those sensitive to fragrance in their products.
  • Those who have drier skin (over time this tends to make skin a bit flaky and drier so be sure to moisturize).

Neutrogena Ulta Sheer Liquid Daily Sun Protection SPF 55 has set the pavement for drugstore brands to finally embrace the importance of including SPF products along with their color and base cosmetics. This is a fabulous little SPF and is on par with many Asian SPF fluids I’ve tried and already own. The price is quite nice and the higher level allows you to stay in the sun for longer periods of time while protecting skin from burning and damage.

This is well worth a pick up!

Very Muse Approved for purchase!


This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
Read my full disclosure statement here.

  • 7/20/11 15:48 kimkats:

    Hey, Muse – where did you find this? I’ve been trying to find a rather dry sunscreen for my face since I sweat like a draft horse in an Iowa cornfield! Nothing stays put – this might work, it sounds like! I’d like to give it a try – where did you find it?! Thanks for your hard work on your site -I’m pretty new here, but I’m lovin’ it! :)


    • 7/20/11 15:51 the Muse:

      hi kim! :) how are you? Aw thanks for the lovely comment! I got it at Harmons recently but CVS also has it! Hope this helps! :) it mattifies so this might help with the sweat issue ;-D


  • 7/20/11 15:53 kimkats:

    Other than sweating to death I’m good! Yay for CVS! No Harmons here, but scads of CVSs (how do you pluralize CVS?) 😡

    Thanks darlin – will look for it tonight!


    • 7/20/11 15:59 the Muse:

      tell me about it. It’s damn hot today. Not looking forward to heading outside! yak! CVSes…LOL! my pleasure ;D!


  • 7/20/11 16:00 kiwikiwidragon:

    Glad you got to try this Muse! there is also a mineral version as well that is practically scent free. I think its spf 55 as well. I do believe there is also an spf 70 version as well.


    • 7/20/11 16:02 the Muse:

      no kid kiwi…I only saw the 55! I gotta grab the 70!


  • 7/20/11 16:02 kiwikiwidragon:

    at my cvs its in with the makeup not sure if it’s also with the sunscreens as well. Then again I am in florida and there are multiple areas for spf in every store.


    • 7/21/11 10:36 the Muse:

      same here, in with the cosmetics kiwi ;D!


    • 7/21/11 10:18 the Muse:

      THANKS kiwi!


  • 7/20/11 16:09 Mary:

    Hey Muse! I love your site and have been an avid reader for years. What do you think the PA level of this sunblock is? I love how Asian sunblocks usually have PA+++ levels.


    • 7/21/11 10:06 the Muse:

      I’m not really sure Mary sorry :-/ aw thanks, so glad you’re such a long time reader! I appreciate it more than you’ll ever know hugs!


  • 7/20/11 17:07 Christina:

    I got the 70 and it’s just lovely! I was so happy to finally find a non gloppy facial sunscreen that wasn’t mad amounts of dollars (aka SHiseido!)


    • 7/21/11 10:05 the Muse:

      yay christina ;D!


  • 7/20/11 17:38 Kay:

    You are AWESOME. I’ve seen this at Target too, mixed in with Neutrogena cosmetics and not with the rest of the sunscreens. Neutrogena pure & free baby sunscreen in the pink packaging is mineral and spf 60 (not sure whether it’s as sheer and light for the face like this one though) – plus there’s a sunblock stick too!


  • 7/20/11 23:31 JoElla:

    I am so glad you did a review on this! I have been quite curious about this forever. I might give it a whirl because I would love to find something that doesn’t leave me with a kabuki mask LOL

    Since we are talking Neutrogena I haved to give a total SHOUT OUT to the new Wet Skin spray SPF!

    Swimming at our local Y and romping around on the Lake, this stuff has kept my lily white kids (nobody got my spainard coloring) burn free.


    • 7/21/11 10:35 the Muse:

      Jo, THANKS! going to try that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • 7/21/11 2:42 Rie:

    Does this leave a white cast??


    • 7/21/11 9:14 the Muse:

      at first application yes Rie but it goes away quickly.


  • 7/21/11 2:54 DaenaCat:

    Hmm.. Interesting stuff but I wish it was physical-only sunscreen as chemical sunscreen makes my skin an absolute wreck. :-(


  • 7/21/11 10:41 Margaret:

    YAAAAAYYYY! I have really oily skin and I have yet to find a good sunscreen product that *doesn’t* make my skin oilier. It doesn’t matter if it’s supposed to be oil-free or not… I end up with sticky skin. Cannot WAIT to try this! Thank you!


    • 7/21/11 10:56 the Muse:

      my pleasure Margaret lmk how it works out for you!? ;D


  • 7/21/11 14:00 Hai Dao L:

    ooh, muse – would you recommend buying this over the biore mousse or no? my sunscreen destabilized and is currently an oily mess :/


    • 7/21/11 14:24 the Muse:

      no hai dao…! :) I recommend this if you can’t find the biore or just don’t wanna deal with airmail, etc….this is a nice option if you can’t get Biore’s…but I highly recommend biore’s over this simply because the formula is SO much more nicer…it’s like a whipped fluffy mousse! very lovely ;D!


  • 7/22/11 11:06 Andi:

    this totally reminds me of the Clarins UV Plus HP Day Screen High Protection SPF 40 that my sephora keeps selling out of even the packaging reminds me of it. but i would totally buy this instead with the higher spf and lower price!!! now…to start hunting for this..


  • 3/8/13 12:23 Marion:

    I recently ordered a Neutrogena Age Shield Face SPF 110 and am liking it so far. I use it instead of a moisturizer and it doesn’t make my face feel too oily or too dry. It goes on a little thick by absorbs nicely.


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