Pop Beauty Stain Stay Lip Ink

I have a serious thing for lip stains! They just give that extra boast to my favorite lipglosses.

Pop Beauty Stain Stay Lip Ink is a brand new lip stain pen for Fall 2011 that paraben-free stain option.

Check it!

Pop Beauty Stain Stay Lip Ink comes in four shades and sports a paraben-free formula that promises a pigmented pop of color with a conditioning formula that doesn’t wears long and strong.


  • Peach Pucker
  • Petal Pout
  • Mocha Mist
  • Brick Beauty

I’m kinda partial to the rather cute Pop Beauty packaging but not the $16 price tag….unless they prove REALLY awesome.

These are available now at Ulta.

  • 7/22/11 22:57 Majick:

    I wanna know what happened to a product POP used to make called Lip Cushion. That plumper is one of my fav lip glosses – it’s a perfect fix when a drying lipstick needs a little oomph but you don’t want to lose it with gloss. I miss that stuff. I only have one tube left and I treat it like gold. LOL It’s also the perfect MLBB when I wear it alone.
    I hope they bring it back.


  • 1/30/12 23:30 Maddie:

    This has crazy staying power. I searched it on my hand yesterday morning and it’s still there. And I wash my hands a lot. The one hot pink one stayed the most, the other two are still kind there but the light brownish one is gone tho I think I pressed more lightly for that one. I can’t wait to get hear one sale! If they don’t go on sale anywhere then maybe I’ll get just one


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