Rimmel London Stay Glossy Lipgloss Review, Swatches, Photos

I’m obviously getting exited for the second half of series six Who fans because I typed “River” instead of “Rimmel” in the post title.


It’s coming atcha in the Fall (I thought it would be late Summer but guess we have to wait for Fall) and our lovely little Centurion reports, “What Steven Moffat has done is something brilliant. It’s really going to surprise people.”


Off the topic of my geeky gurl fantasies how about a look at Rimmel London Stay Glossy Lipgloss?

Check it!

A range of gloss from Rimmel London that promises six hours of wear time.

Ok props to Rimmel as these are actually really a good gloss but where they got that six hour wear time deal I haven’t a clue…but first the good.

These come in a rather sweet little packaging. Rimmel has a mixed bag of sometimes cool sometimes meh packaging but the Stay Glossy Lipgloss is a nice sexy tube with a fancy silver cap that boasts the Rimmel London emblem on the topper. Very nice and nothing to be shamed of taking out of your purse for touch ups. The applicator is a a thinner, flat sponge tip that saturated very well with color.

Formula is a thinner consistency gloss that has a very comfortable, lightweight feel. It’s not sticky or tacky and it glides on lovingly leaving behind a good deal of shine and a nice amount of sheer to medium pigmentation.

The shade I tried was Captivate Me which is a mauve-y shimmering rose.

I only tried one shade but Rimmel has a range of 14 shades with a price tag of as little as $4.99 each, not too badly priced and a nice variety of color too.

Now about that six hour wear time…

Great formula aside I’m not sure where they pull six hours wear time out of. That’s obscenely inaccurate. You’d be lucky if these lasted through two hours since the formula is thinner and runnier compared to thicker glosses that have a bit of tack to keep them in place.

Stay Glossy is comfortably lightweight however that lighter texture is the downfall of so many glosses of its kind because such a formula never wears for longer periods of time particularly when it lacks any stickiness to back it up.

Six hours? Nay! Sorry Rimmel.

  • Those looking for a budget gloss with a lighter, slicker formula that wears comfortably.
  • Those that like a glossy gloss with a nice formula but don’t mind a shorter wear time.

  • Those wanting a gloss that actually wears six hours straight.
  • Those wanting a gloss that runs thicker and wears for a longer period of time.

Depending on how you look at it Stay Glossy is a rather nice lipgloss with a formula that surpasses some of the shabbier glosses available at the drugstore. It’s lightweight, it feels comfortable, and it’s available in a wider range of colors…however, the short wear time does kinda disappoint and makes me second guess dishing out five dollars for more shades.

But I wouldn’t say no to a sale or BOGO offer.

Worth a pick up on sale but don’t pay full price unless you don’t mind your gloss disappearing within an hour or two.

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  • 7/22/11 3:42 Eli:

    I have this in a deep red shade and I love it, but I hate the applicator! It makes it so damn diffiult to apply the gloss when I’m on the hurry,…


  • 7/22/11 3:53 wild me:

    I should have read this review before buying this gloss :(

    They did not have any testers at the store. And I went by the cute packaging and the pretty colour in the tube (My Eternity). But sorely disappointed. Its very thin and the colour doesn’t even show . Too shiny. Just feels like I have a slick lip balm on. Oh and I was drinking water, and i accidentally rubbed my lips… gah! it turned into a gooey, milky, sticky thing!


  • 7/22/11 13:12 Claudia:

    Wow I am loving that color and the packaging Muse! Although tempting I am happy to say I can pass.


  • 7/22/11 16:46 eight:

    Is it a rerelease?? idk, I got this on clearance a couple months ago. Decent gloss, nice colour, but yeah, def not six hours!!!!!


  • 11/17/11 22:12 catazure:

    i just bought this last weekend because I had a coupon and was nearly out of my beloved Lancome lip plumpers. Some shades are really lighter than they look in the tube but that is a good thing for those that looked too dark to fool with – I love Jewel In The Crown. For $3.97 at WallllllllMarrrrrrt I can justify applying every two hours.
    If I had a tube of Buxom that lasted sho shortly with its $18 price tag, well, that would be another story:)


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