Stila Cosmetics Backstage Beauty Fall Collection 2011

Stila Backstage Beauty is an early Fall 2011 Collection for the brand that brings back an old favorite from last year. The collection features a new Stila Custom Color Blush in Coral.

I purchased the Stila Custom Color Color Blush
last year and I really liked it so I’m pretty interested in checking out Coral.

Let’s take a look at this early preview of Stila Fall 2011.

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner
Available in two new shades:

  • Moss (rich green)
  • Alloy (gunmetal gray)

Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner
Available in two new shades:

  • Triggerfish (gunmetal with multi-pearl)
  • Bluefin (black with cobalt blue pearl)

Stila Natural Eye Shadow Palette
Shades include:

  • Bare (matte ivory shade)
  • Kitten
  • Bliss (matte beige pink)
  • Sunset (shimmery canyon pink)
  • Sandstone (matte light coco)
  • Bubbly (shimmery pale gold)
  • Gilded Gold (golden brown with shimmer)
  • Luster (dark aubergine with gold shimmer)
  • Night Sky (blue with shimmer)
  • Ebony (black)
  • Plus Stila Smudge Stick shade in Damsel (matte brown)

Stila Custom Color Blush Coral
This shade extension of the best-selling Custom Color Blush includes a hint of golden shimmer, and gives your cheeks a youthful flush. This perceptive one-shade-fits-all powder blush reacts with your skin tone to create a one of a kind customized glow perfect for you.

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Color

  • Light
  • Medium

I already purchased the palette a while ago when it was available as a pre-sale. I haven’t used it yet but from the looks of it, it’s quite gorgeous! I’ll be hauling the blush shortly for sure!

What do you think?

I have a funny feeling this isn’t the last of Fall for Stila as it seems nowadays you can expected two releases each season. Brands seem to be embracing releasing early seasonal collections and later as the season approaches you end up seeing another one.

Anyone notice that?

Will you haul Stila Fall 2011?

Do share!

  • 7/7/11 11:49 Cj:

    That blush looks so pretty! It’s calling for me lol ;D


  • 7/7/11 11:56 kerstin:

    The palette, the blush and some of the eye liners are more than welcome to join my make up stash :)


  • 7/7/11 12:15 cyra:

    i love how there is a description for every shadow except kitten :)


    • 7/7/11 12:27 the Muse:

      lol cyra…You JUST now that one dontcha ;D!


  • 7/7/11 12:19 Jessica:

    So excited, Stila is now available at Boots:D Will definitley be getting some of this stuff!


  • 7/7/11 12:24 JoleneAL:

    I’m sold !!


  • 7/7/11 12:29 Tammie:

    Oooo, SUPER interested in the blush. Any idea when it’ll come out and about the price? Coral is my absolute favorite color for blush, and I am very interested in it’s color adjusting….


    • 7/7/11 12:32 the Muse:

      it’s on the stila site now tammie ;-D price is $20 ;D


      • 7/7/11 12:34 Tammie:

        Do you know if they’ll have it at Sephora or something? I hate paying for shipping :(.


        • 7/7/11 12:35 the Muse:

          it’s first at Stila but it’ll be at Sephora prob towards end of month early August ;D


          • 7/7/11 12:36 Tammie:

            That’s good to know, thanks! I’ll just wait until then and keep checking out Sephora when I go to the mall (essentially every weekend).

          • 7/20/11 14:24 jasmine:

            it’s already available on the sephora website. they’ve added it as a color option on the custom color blush (rather than as a totally separate item).


      • 7/7/11 12:35 Tammie:

        If there are no other options though I suppose I can just suck it up and order x_x


        • 7/7/11 12:56 the Muse:

          check out stila has alot of free shipping options that pop up ;D!


          • 7/7/11 13:04 Tammie:

            Thanks, will do :)

          • 7/7/11 13:15 the Muse:

            my pleasure dear! ;D

  • 7/7/11 12:58 Andrea:

    I definitely don’t need any more coral blush (I’ve barely made a dent in my Coralista), but that blush is calling my name! Can’t wait to hear your review on that and the palette.

    This is slightly off-topic, but I was in Urban Outfitters yesterday, and I noticed two new lip glaze trios there for $12 each (0.05 oz deluxe size). One set had Chocolate, Creme Bouquet, and Apricot; the other had Grapefruit, Seashell, and Raisin. I didn’t see it on UO’s website, so I thought I’d let you know.

    And it looks like we might be seeing another beach palette from Stila’s upcoming collaboration with Roxy:


    • 7/7/11 13:19 the Muse:

      Me either Andrea, I have tons of ’em but I really want it anyway…sigh…the life of the beauty obsessed. Hmmm I wonder of they are the same as the ones Ulta has:

      I saw the Roxy one ;-D but was a little disappointed it looks dead similar to Striking in South Beach groan!


      • 7/7/11 15:42 Andrea:

        Yep, those are the ones!

        I haven’t hauled South Beach or Waikiki yet. I’m thinking I’d go with Roxy over SB since SB looks a bit too cool-toned for me, though honestly, I might end up hauling them all just because. =)


  • 7/7/11 12:58 CupK8:

    I’ll probably haul the palette – it looks soo perfect for travel. :)


  • 7/7/11 13:23 Lori:

    I also got the palette on pre-sale . . . it was a spur of the moment splurge but I’m so happy I did! I would honestly trade this for my UD Naked palette any day of the week. (Of course, I have both, so I don’t even need to! Woo!)


    • 7/7/11 13:44 the Muse:

      ha lori PHEW who would want to make that trade right? ;-D! I haven’t used it yet but the shades are too brilliant! I can’t wait to dig in!


  • 7/8/11 16:22 Majick:

    I would love to see swatches of this palette compared to Smashbox’s Softbox ( ) sorry, didn’t know how to make an actual link.
    They really look very similar.


    • 7/8/11 16:22 Majick:

      duh – I guess I do know how to create a link. LOL


  • 7/14/11 14:17 Jovanna:

    I <3 coral blush for summer! I definitely got that one. I'm confused on the brow color because I use powder and liquid ink sounds way "clown" like than a pencil that you can smudge out. I like the idea of waterproof for sweating in the summer, but the colors are not even near what I need for my eyebrows.


  • 8/20/11 1:25 Jonah:

    Why don’t you ever show swatches?


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