Stila Natural Beauty Eye Shadow Palette Cool Version?

I’m not sure how many of you remember last year’s Stila Natural Beauty Eye Shadow Palette. I never got around to reviewing this but will do my best to get up something soon as I believe it’s still available.

Stila has a brand new version of this palette available at Ulta. It looks like Ulta mistakenly placed the image of this with a description of the NaturalEYES Palette for Fall 2011.

Which means maybe this palette is coming soon….perhaps the Holidays?


The original palette was $18 so I assume this will be along the same price range. This looks like the cooler palette version of the original Natural Beauty Eye Palette.

(Pictured Above of the Warmer version of the Natural Beauty Eye Shadow Palette that was Available 2010)

DO not order this though as Ulta definately has the description and price tag for the new NaturalEYES Palette so in fact that will probably be what you get. This is simply an error on their part so now we have to play a waiting game to see what this palette will be called and when it’ll be available but it’s still nice to get an early peek of what’s coming up from Stila.


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You can see the listing at

  • 7/18/11 14:13 Andrea:

    I purchased and returned the one from last year. The quality was just not there in my opinion.


  • 7/22/11 18:35 dina:

    WANT =)


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