Tarte 20% Off Coupon Code

4th of July may well be over for you can still cash in on the savings.

Enjoy 20% off your total at tartecosmetics.com using promo code FRWRK from today until July 8th.

Happy Haulin’!

  • 7/5/11 11:24 Erin:

    Hauled 2 new blushes! Blissful and Amused! Too much hauling lately, I gotta stop lol.


    • 7/5/11 11:34 the Muse:

      lol story of my life erin ;D! enjoy!


    • 7/5/11 12:29 Tammie:

      Erin – those are the ones I have! You’ll LOVE them!! They are so great. SO. GREAT.


  • 7/5/11 12:30 Tammie:

    Would go for this but shipping always ruins sales…probably would come out to the same price as just going to Sephora to get it 😐


  • 7/5/11 13:16 Cj:

    Hey Muse! Have you seen/tried the Tarte True Blood stuff? I’m so loving the cheek stain 😛


    • 7/5/11 13:20 the Muse:

      but of course ;-D!!!!!!!!!! I got the palette Loves it! waiting on my blusher and lip to arrive from Sephora ;-D did you haul any of it?


      • 7/5/11 13:25 Cj:

        Yeah the cheek stain 😀 Loving it so far. A lot of people have been complaining about the glitter but I haven’t had any problems :) Applying it with your fingers instead of directly from the tube seems to not transfer nearly as much glitter. It’s great ;D I even use it on my lips lol


        • 7/5/11 13:29 the Muse:

          bring the glitter on! lol ;-D It looks gorgeous from swatchies I saw online ;D can’t wait to get it. I’m all caught up on eppy 1 and 2, can’t wait for next week! ;-D Pam was delicious in red!


  • 7/5/11 15:46 diane:

    i hauled the blush in exposed, the illuminiating amazonian clay serum, he lash primer & the lash rejuvenator which sounds awesome..i wanted the true blood stuff but the 20% off wouldn’t work on it! booo..thanks to QVC & now this sale, I have SO MUCH TARTE lately..love it!!


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