the Balm Meet Matt(e) Matte Eyeshadow Palette

the Balm Meet Matte Matte Eyeshadow Palette 002

Meet Matt(e).

He’s the dependable type. The guy that gets you through the work day without being too loud or outrageous. He’s the guy you reach for when you want soft and elegant but not overly done.

He’s the Balm’s New Matte Eyeshadow Palette.

Check it!

the Balm Meet Matt(e) Matte Eyeshadow Palette is a new palette from the brand that features nine shades of the Balm eyeshadow in a portable compact with a matte finish. What more could a girl want?

Oh yeah, the fact that the shades are named after some of our favorite Matt’s doesn’t hurt….like say, Matt Smith. Oh, you have just risen so high in my wicked cool book guys! I’m not a matte girl myself however, I am a Doctor girl!

the Balm Meet Matte Matte Eyeshadow Palette 001

Loves it so hard, must have for that reason along!

Available now at

  • 7/27/11 14:24 Tammie:

    Must have this palette! Not only am I just getting into mattes but I LOVE these colors ANNNND Matt Smith.

    Oh yeah, and my own husband’s name is Matt too xD


    • 7/27/11 14:30 the Muse:

      awwwwwww Tammie you has a favorite Matte too! ;-D


      • 7/27/11 14:36 Tammie:

        Yes ma’am! I can’t wait to get this palette. I am not an eyeshadow girl (I wear it but I don’t slobber over it like I do blush and lipstick) but this is a huge must have for me.


  • 7/27/11 14:26 Karyn:

    I desperately want this so when my geek friends and I get together to watch the second half of season 6 (August 27!!) I can screech “I AM WEARING MATT SMITH EVERYONE.”


    • 7/27/11 14:30 the Muse:

      LOL Karyn! ;-D


  • 7/27/11 14:27 Ivy:

    Oh my God, I need this, just for the Eleventh Doctor reference. :D


    • 7/27/11 14:29 the Muse:

      DITTO ivy!


  • 7/27/11 14:32 Larie:

    I love this! The shade names are cute, too :D


  • 7/27/11 14:50 Deb:

    Amazingly similar to the new TF matte palette


  • 7/27/11 14:53 Sarah S.:

    Eagerly awaiting your review… I do have Too Faced’s matte palette, so I don’t know if I can justify hauling it at this time… do you know if it’s permanent or will be available at Sephora?


    • 7/27/11 14:55 the Muse:

      so far online at the balm only sarah ;-D I imagine a release from Sephora should be coming shortly?! Will let ya know when I see it!!!


      • 7/27/11 14:56 Sarah S.:

        Yayyy you are the best!


  • 7/27/11 14:56 Quinctia:

    Looks great for the matte lovers out there. I don’t really do matte, so I’ll probably pass.


  • 7/27/11 15:05 Marina:

    Oh gosh. A Matt Smith shade XD Too brilliant!


  • 7/27/11 15:18 ann:

    OK I need it!


  • 7/27/11 19:03 Mara:

    Ohh, this looks tempting. I’m on the hunt for good mattes. I’ve never used The Balm before, how do their mattes compare to MAC’s?


    • 7/27/11 20:30 the Muse:

      not sure as they have never done mattes before Mara.


  • 7/27/11 20:36 Maggie:

    :D I’m so excited, not just because I love theBalm and love mattes, but because they managed to hit TWO of my geeky notes by having Matt Smith and Matt Patel (Matthew Patel is the first evil ex boyfriend in the Scott Pilgrim comics/movies – one of my favorite comic book series and rapidly becoming one of my favorite movies). Yay theBalm!


    • 7/28/11 10:16 the Muse:

      def love me some SP maggie ;-D


    • 7/28/11 12:22 Tammie:

      I didn’t even realize it was supposed to be him haha. Matthew Patel’s battle was my favorite (in the comic and movie), and the only thing I loved about the movie haha.


  • 7/27/11 22:49 Hai Dao L:

    LOL, am I the only one to notice that Matt Patel is a shade of brown? :P


  • 7/28/11 9:42 MMM:

    I had a thing for mattes but the last Matt made me mad. PASS!!! lol.


    • 7/28/11 9:46 the Muse:

      matt patel mmm? why?


  • 7/28/11 20:47 dee:

    I seriously hope they release these in my country. MATT(E)S FTW!

    Otherwise I’m seriously going to have to look these up online. Super want. :D


  • 7/30/11 1:21 Tala:

    LOL I love how you mix makeup and geekery. You’re a lady after my own heart. <3

    And I must have this palette! I don't have many mattes, and since in my head I'm now connecting it to Dr. Who…


  • 7/30/11 12:04 Jean:

    Matt Patel – love it! I did a double take when I noticed that name. :) I’ve never heard of theBalm.. the products look rad and I love the image. It’s sort of like Benefit, which I also love.

    I can’t pull off sparkly eyeshadows. :( I’ll go meet Matt(e) now. :D Thanks for the review!


  • 8/13/11 21:41 Lauren:

    I found this at my TJMaxx for 12.99, along with alot of other The Balm makeup and skincare, most over half the cost at sephora! :)


    • 8/26/11 13:02 Sarah S.:

      The makeup gods are smiling on me today… I went to my local TJ Maxx and they had ONE EACH left of the Mary Lou Manizer/Betty Lou Manizer Duo for $19.99, Meet Matt(e) Palette for $16.99, and the Balm and the Beautiful Palette (I guess it is the same products as the Muppets Palette?) for $19.99. SCORE!


      • 8/26/11 13:13 the Muse:

        SWEET sarah! do you know if they have anymore of the balm and the beautiful?


      • 8/26/11 13:17 Tammie:

        Wow Sarah that’s awesome! I’ve seen the other ones (And got Meet Matt(e)) but not the Balm and the Beautiful! I didn’t even know that one was OUT! Lucky!


        • 8/26/11 13:40 Sarah S.:

          I looked around but it seems I got the last/only ones :(


          • 8/26/11 13:47 the Muse:

            oh damn was going to tell you go post about it in the tj maxx post so peeps know where to find it! ;-/

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