Vincent Longo 30% Off Coupon Code

Heads up!

Time for Vincent Longo’s Friends and Family Event.

Take 30% Off your total cost using promo code VL30 plus they have a cool Buy One, Get One Free on their Cheek Stains (these are my HG cheek stains of choice).

I don’t think you can combine offers but it’s worth a try!

Shop it now at

Happy Shoppin’!

  • 7/13/11 14:02 Ambassador:

    I acquired one of the stains, based on glowing reviews such as yours. I can’t make it work, to my immense sadness. I’ve applied on bare skin, moisturised skin, primed skin, above and under foundation, on my lips and on my cheeks … the most I can put on is the sheerest of layer (which barely shows up even on my pale skin). Everyone says it’s “buildable”. Whenever I try to put on a little more, it blotches instantly, and I have to remove it. I can’t figure these stains out!! I need professional assistance.


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