Bath and Body Works Green Apple Light-Up Coffin Hand Soap Awesomely Immature!

I haven’t technically grown up as of yet. My age is one number however my outlook on life normally reflects someone in their early to late teens.

But damn being immature at my age is such a pleasure which is why I think Bath and Body Works Green Apple Light-Up Coffin Hand Soap is the bees knees.

Dude, it’s a coffin with a skeleton and it lights up and shiz…what’s NOT to be excited about right?

Bath and Body Works on the prowl to make my Halloween the bestest ever.

Available now online and in stores soon (or already if you’re lucky).

P.S. Do bees have knees?

P.S.S. I finally watched this week’s True Blood and the sexin’ was so awful. Sookie and Bill had way more chemistry….! Plus hello mosquitoes! WTF were they thinking? And how come we couldn’t get a close up shot of Alex all nekkid…..?

  • 8/3/11 12:22 Courtney:

    OMG I know, right? The sex scene was totally lame. They need to film her with her hubby then digitally put Alex in or something. You can totally tell they werent feeling it. Total let down.


    • 8/3/11 12:23 the Muse:

      amazingggggggggggggly let down Courtney…and why all the wide had to squint to see what was happening.


  • 8/3/11 13:18 Kris:

    Ditto everything you said. I can only hope the inevitable Jason/Hoyt’s girlfriend sexin makes up for it. They didn’t even give us a hot NotSamMerlotte sex scene!


    • 8/3/11 13:30 the Muse:

      that’s revolting me kris…I hate the whole Jason/Jessica hook up! Hoyt’s such a nice guy he doesn’t deserve it SNIFF ;-D! ha…! that sex scene was almost as awkward as sookie and eric!


  • 8/3/11 14:31 Sarah S.:

    Amen to all that, Muse! It all felt so bloody incestuous, for lack of a better word!

    Want the light-up coffin, argh!


    • 8/3/11 15:57 the Muse:

      lol sarah spot on ;-D


  • 8/3/11 15:46 Courtknee:

    BAHAHAH! Thank you for the mosquitoes comment… I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thinks of weird stuff in scenes like that!!


    • 8/3/11 15:56 the Muse:

      lol court just the swamp along had me itching! it’s all humid and the grass was probably wet and gross…ewww not sexy at all!


  • 8/3/11 18:12 Wendy:

    Y’all ever been to the swamp in Louisiana? So not romantic at all…ever! They didn’t even have lightning bugs for ambience. It seemed contrived. I’m just a bit dissapointed. I haven’t read the books, maybe I should to gain some perspective.

    Maybe they should get that coffin dispenser to liven things up on set, because it is cut as all get out in person and it will be mine this weekend!


  • 8/3/11 18:51 Courtney:

    Alcide needs to hook up with someone we actually like b/c I totally want a sex scene with him. He is super hot.


  • 8/4/11 5:07 Rose:

    Ok I stopped watching Tru Blood somewhere through the 2nd season but now I’m thinking I might have to start watching it again… I liked it a lot except for… well it’s so disgusting! They’re showing things I really don’t like to see, couldn’t they have gone a little easy on that stuff? Leave it more, implied as to showing it so graphic? Does it get worse after the 2nd season or dyou think my stomach can handle it? 😉


    • 8/4/11 8:26 the Muse:

      the sex or the blood rose? because both are still there with alot more of it 😉


  • 8/4/11 9:32 Rose:

    the blood and the bugs and there was vomit at some point too I think… I’m not sure because usually the blood doesn’t bother me as much but I don’t know… I always felt nauseous after watching an ep haha. It’s not exactly Twilight 😛 I’m gonna give it another try this weekend, I made it this far… 😉


    • 8/4/11 9:40 the Muse:

      mmm bugs..and vomit..I don’t think I remember that but the blood is def there haha ;-D


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