Bath and Body Works Green Apple Light-Up Coffin Hand Soap

If you’re anything at all like me you are probably gagging to get your hands on the Bath and Body Works Green Apple Light-Up Coffin Hand Soap.

At $14.50 this is a whooping 13.5 oz in size and features a neon green, coffin shaped bottle with a skeleton on it.

The best part?

It lights up and has a creepy laughing sound effect. The lights actually serve a purpose as they remain on for 20 seconds, the time you should be washing your hands for.

Wanna see it in action?

Go on now you know you do!


Cute right?

Possibly nerdy but a total love for me.

I was disappointed in the scent as it doesn’t smell like the Jolly Rancher Candy Apple I get from the Skull Green Apple Candy Soap they have available. This is more a crunchy green apple sans the sour candy note which I find an ickle boring but meh packaging kills here and I can always decant some other soap into the awesome bottle.

This is available now at Bath and Body Works.

Hauled it?

Want to?

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  • 8/3/11 21:55 Sarah S.:



  • 8/3/11 22:16 Irene:

    sold!!! that’s way too awesome


  • 8/3/11 22:29 Michelle:

    I need this now!!! :)


  • 8/4/11 0:10 Amy:

    I just wish the sound of it was louder. That way I would know when my guests actually washed their hands or just ran them under the water.


    • 8/4/11 8:27 the Muse:

      amy true! it is rather low.


  • 8/4/11 8:33 Maria:

    Ooooh I need!! These are the moments when I REALLY wish we had a Bath & Body works here in Puerto Rico. *sighs* They won’t even ship the antibacterials over here because they contain alcohol and supposedly you can’t ship alcohol through the mail. Bah! SUCKS!


    • 8/4/11 9:42 the Muse:

      that stinks maria jeepers!


  • 8/4/11 9:28 kiwikiwidragon:

    Bummer, I don’t see it on the site! I hope I didn’t miss it, could you link it Muse?


    • 8/4/11 9:41 the Muse:

      kiwi it was there and disappeared possibly sold out!? it is in store now though! sorry! I’ll link when it goes live again!


      • 8/4/11 10:31 kiwikiwidragon:

        pooey, i called a local store and they told me they have been instructed to pull them to sell at a later time! damn it….No ideas on when they are going to put them back out to sell, mean SA!!


        • 8/4/11 10:51 the Muse:

          oh jesus kiwi…that’s so stupid. Just sell the damn things! *rolls eyes*


  • 8/4/11 11:21 Kimber:

    I don’t want this…. I NEED this! Thanks for the video, this cements it for me!


    • 8/4/11 12:04 the Muse:

      LOL kimber cheers girl!


  • 8/4/11 13:19 peri:

    i really want that. halloweens kinda a big deal in this house….i need this lol.


  • 8/8/11 23:11 Mallory:

    Is it bad that I was sold on this product when I read “light up”? Hehe…I can’t help it. I’m a child at heart <3 Haha! I haven't bought a Bath & Body Works hand soap for awhile now so this will definitely be a treat.


    • 8/9/11 12:33 the Muse:

      Mallory me TOO girl me too!


  • 8/16/11 3:55 Nat:

    I’m so mad at myself for passing this up today. NEED it! I didn’t realize it lit up. I saw that the base had an extra little bit to it, but I figured that it was to help the bottle balance lol I am a dork! >_< I hope they don't run out too quickly!


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