Bath and Body Works Liplicious Cafe Collection Lip Gloss

When I was little I remember taking a small sip of coffee and my mom threatening that I wouldn’t grow if I drank it. I guess she’s right because I’m short as hell.


Needless to say that was probably my last sip of coffee. No, I’m not scared I won’t grow, I just happen to be a tea drinker and not much of a coffee one.

But I have no aversion to java in my lipgloss which is why I must love all over (but not buy because I have too damn many) Liplicious
Cafe Collection Lip Gloss.

Check ’em!

  • Bath and Body Works Liplicious Cafe Collection Lip Gloss Thanks a Latte

A peachy nude shade with delicious vanilla latte flavor.

  • Bath and Body Works Liplicious Cafe Collection Lip Gloss Bean Me Up

A neutral bronze shade with delicious caramel latte flavor.

  • Bath and Body Works Liplicious Cafe Collection Lip Gloss Chai Carumba

A dusty rose shade with delicious chai latte flavor.

  • Bath and Body Works Liplicious Cafe Collection Lip Gloss Mocha My Day

A creamy nude shade with delicious mocha latte flavor.

I will not buy.

I will not buy.

Most hold out for the Halloween Lipglosses.

And hey, how come they are 8 bucks each…aren’t Liplicious normally $7?

I remember bishing about 7 bucks and now they want a dollar more from me? Grrr! But damn I still love these Liplicious Collections!

Available now at Bath and Body Works.

  • 8/3/11 20:41 Mariel:

    Oh. My. Gosh.

    Caffeine and lipgloss are both my kryptonite. The two of them together is just plain dangerous. I agree…

    I will not buy.

    I will not buy.

    Meh, screw that! I wants Vanilla Latte and Mocha Latte. And then the Hallowe’en glosses come out…shizz. I really need to work on my willpower before then. xD


  • 8/3/11 21:18 Kate:

    The packaging looks cheap to me


  • 8/3/11 22:31 Vanessa:

    Never bought one of these before, so I’m curious to know if these are sheer. I’m only interested in the mocha one, but the nude shade is kinda off-putting. I’m afraid it’ll have more than enough pigment to give me white lips *shudders*

    And ever since I read the words “Bean Me Up”, my mind keep replaying the phrase “Beam me up, Scotty”.


    • 8/4/11 8:29 the Muse:

      ha same hear vanessa, trekkies just think that way ;-D


  • 8/4/11 5:10 Biba:

    Oh, that’s why I’m so short? Huh… 😀

    But these do look delicious!


    • 8/4/11 8:26 the Muse:

      see biba? solution to your shortness! ;-D


  • 8/4/11 9:41 Telle:

    I bet these are awesome, but I am gonna take a page from your book Muse and wait for the Halloween ones….also boo for the price increase- if you buy two, one gets them for $6/each. Used to be buy two get one free making them $5/each…. *le tear* ah well


    • 8/4/11 9:43 the Muse:

      telle damn we are so broke with halloween as there are 10 I believe releasing I’m not even going to do the math there girl!


      • 8/4/11 9:48 Telle:

        I am secretly hoping that I don’t like *all* 10…like sliced cider-not a fan of that…so maybe that will help bring down the crazy cost but I won’t hold my breath! LOL! will also be using the lovely survey $10 off coupon, although I doubt it will make much of a ding in the final bill with all the rest of the goodies for Halloween and all… LOL ):D


        • 8/4/11 13:10 the Muse:

          I feel like I’ll need them all ya know for the sake of the blog! LOL!!!!!!!!!


  • 8/4/11 13:08 dina:

    booo to the price increase, maybe easier to resist then but will nevertheless stalk the mocha latte :( on of the SAs in Lush told me their prices were increasing as of Monday 8/1 too. WTF?? :'(


    • 8/4/11 13:09 the Muse:

      ahhh dina the yearly lush increase…I face it with dread every summer :-/


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