Bath and Body Works Slatkin & Co. Halloween Candle Spiced Cider, Frosted Cupcake, Pumpkin Patch

Bath and Body Works has mini Slatkin & Co. Halloween Candles for 3 for $5 at the moment. These are decked out in Halloween packaging and feature some great scents for Fall.

I picked these up in the mini size and was very tempted to grab up the large size as well. Too bad they don’t do them in a tart format as I’m more of a tart girl than a candle one.

I was tempted to light up as soon as I got home but I was good…after all, it’s still Summer for frak’s sake.

Take a peek!

Frosted Cupcake comes in a purple jar with a cute skull. This scent is Frosted Cupcake which definitely doesn’t remind me of Halloween but the scent is warm, comforting, and in some aspects very Fall.

Spiced Cider, my favorite of the three, is a sweet cinnamon swirl of apples and spice and all things nice. It has just the right amount of sweet, crunchy apple to dull the sharpness of the cinnamon!

And finally Pumpkin Patch which is the most traditional scent of the three. This one is very Halloween as it’s full on pumpkin with bits of vanilla and cinnamon for that foody, pie smell. It comes in a bright orange jar with a black bat.

As I mentioned above I’d so appreciate these more in a tart form but hey, I’ll take whatever I can get. These smaller sizes were made to fit the new Halloween Candle Holders that Bath and Body Works has available for $5 each. I haven’t picked those up as I may wait for them to clearance but they are a cute accessory to use along with these.

Available now at Bath and Body Works.

Did you haul them?


This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 8/2/11 12:15 Erin:

    The 1.6 oz candles can be popped out of the of the containers and used as tarts. They need to be cut in half and of course the wick needed to be removed before melting. And I love burning them in the black cat holder as is!


    • 8/2/11 12:21 the Muse:

      ha erin that’s an awesome idea ;-D thanks!


  • 8/2/11 14:52 sarah:

    I got the large Frosted Cupcake the other day; couldn’t help myself. I know this is just the beginning, though…;)


    • 8/2/11 14:54 the Muse:

      AWESOME sarah ;-D I was waiting on a sale as I feel like I want Spiced Cider in the large size ;D


  • 8/2/11 18:32 Kayla:

    I can’t wait to haul the fall candle scents! I loooveee Creamy Pumpkin 😀


  • 8/2/11 21:51 Mara:

    i got all but the frosted cupcake… instead i got the caramel apple one and OMFG! that screams FALL to me! it smells so good, can literally smell the caramel and the nuts not just the apple! i got yelled at for spending my money at b&bw but when my mom smelled it she was kind of “do they make it full size?!” haha.

    i was kind of “eh” about spiced cider but after getting out of the store and smelling it in fresh air, it’s AMAZING! i’ve noticed that for me sometimes when i’m i n the store smelling stuff they don’t smell that good but when i get the product out in fresh air it smells SO delicious!


  • 8/3/11 5:14 Rose:

    I can’t get over how much I love this years halloween collection! I need need need it all! And Lush Xmas hasn’t even begun yet… I guess it’s a good thing that we’re havind fall weather for all of august over here 😛 I will def be hauling these candles, I love the smells and I love how cute they look!


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