Bath & Body Works Halloween Anti-Bacterial Power Bundle

Treat or Treat, Smell my Feet, Gimme something Good to Eat! If you don’t, I don’t care, I’ll pull down your underwear!

Sigh…ahh my inner teenage boy demanded I haul that one out for a play.

But no worries, I won’t pull down your underwear or make you smell my feet but I will gift you with Bath & Body Works.

Bath and Body Works has some spooky offers in store at the moment! They have a few of your favorite scents bundled up in trios with cute bat themed boxes…! Love!

They are also offering their Halloween Anti-Bacterial Power Bundle which is $21.50 and features the following treats:

  • Anti-Bacterial Gentle Foaming Hand Soaps in Green Apple Candy and Sour Drop
  • PocketBac in Sour Drop
  • HandiBac Hand Cream and a Full-Size Body Lotion in Japanese Cherry Blossom
  • PocketBac Holder

All the essentials for clean hands this Halloween without any tricks!

Available now at Bath and Body Works stores and online.


No smelly feet here!

  • 8/16/11 20:25 Sara:

    Stop putting Japanese Cherry Blossom in everything!! Nobody likes it!!!

    ……or… least, *I* don’t like it. 😛

    Still on the fence about the Halloween scents. They’re kinda weird.


  • 8/16/11 21:36 Amanda:

    This seems really random…why not include a couple of the new lotions, like Sinful Vanilla or the cider one, instead of something that really isn’t even very Halloween-y?


    • 8/17/11 11:43 Sara:

      Right?? A Halloween pack sounds…you know…..Halloweeny. If they didn’t have special Halloween lotions I guess I could understand it, especially since they’re always pushing JCB, but they do!


  • 8/17/11 0:10 dedra:

    OH wow :) im defenitley getting this set also with the 3 sets of the $3.00 lots


  • 8/17/11 8:35 Telle:

    They should have the Halloween pocket bacs in a set with Halloween body care line. An associate I talked to said it would just be minis! But why?? Sinful vanilla in bubble bath, shower gel and body spray would do SO well :**{


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