Bath & Body Works Halloween Shimmer Mist

Bath and Body Works has decked out some of its more “darker scents” in fashionable Halloween bottles for their new Halloween Collection. They have release four body mists in special Halloween packaging however the scents are not what I was expecting.

I guess they don’t think we can handle scents like Spider Cider in a mist?! But we can in a lotion? How odd!

Check ’em!

Bath & Body Works Halloween Shimmer Mist Dark Kiss

Bath & Body Works Halloween Shimmer Mist Twilight Woods

Bath & Body Works Halloween Shimmer Mist Midnight Pomegranate

Bath & Body Works Halloween Shimmer Mist Japanese Cherry Blossom

I admit I’m disappointed. None of these scents are particularly favs of mine and I’m not keen on the Shimmer Mist formula anyway (love me some shimmer on my eyes but not my body).

These come in 3 oz sizes and dare I say the packaging is wicked cool but the scents, well, why could they not match the Halloween Body Lotions they are putting out?

Meh…I guess I can skip!

These are $7 each and will be available in store shortly.

What do you think?

Haulin’ ’em?

  • 8/2/11 10:01 Whitney:

    I was really hoping they would’ve matched their lotion or pocketbac scents for the body sprays!


    • 8/2/11 10:07 the Muse:

      AGREED Whitney…:(


  • 8/2/11 12:38 Fey:

    Oh man! Dark Kiss is my favorite. I’ve got a thing for glitzy skulls. The back of my car is full of them.


  • 8/2/11 12:55 auroragyps:

    That’s so lame, although I do admit I love Midnight Pomegranate & Twilight Woods, but sans shimmer, thank you very much.


  • 8/2/11 18:35 Kayla:

    I like the shimmer body lotions but I’m noottttt a fan of the mists. I like using the lotion on my legs because they can get very dull-looking… And the cool thing about the lotions is that you can adjust the shimmer-to-lotion ratio. I wish they made them in more scents.


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