Bath & Body Works Pocketbac Candy Corn

Bath & Body Works Pocketbac Candy Corn combines all the great elements of Halloween.

….and let me tell you it ain’t just about candy corn!


Bath & Body Works Pocketbac Candy Corn’s ($4) name is deceiving as this isn’t just about the candy corn! This cute little Pocketbac is shaped like a wicked little pumpkin that glows in the dark. The scent is a blend of bubble gum, orange zest, mixed berries, and cotton candy…a whole LOT of sweet.

Candy Corn happens to be not in this mix….but hey, at least we’ll see a Candy Corn Lipgloss from Bath & Body Works soon!

Available now at Bath & Body Works or online at

  • 8/10/11 11:12 kimkats:

    Jiminy – that’s cute!! But why isn’t it candy corn scented??? What an odd fragrance for something in a lil pumpkin?? At least make it spiced pumpkin scented or something!!

    But I suppose, regardless, I must have it… 😀


  • 8/10/11 13:54 Eve:

    Bath and Body Works,
    Y U make me wanna buy moar than I need?


    • 8/10/11 13:56 the Muse:

      LOL eve!


  • 8/10/11 14:23 Kimber:

    ooooh I am lovin’ his smarmy little face! Dang another one to add to my list!


  • 8/10/11 22:14 Georgina:

    that is the most adorable pocketbac i’ve seen! woooo!


  • 8/10/11 23:05 Vanessa:

    OMG I needs this!


  • 8/11/11 3:27 Mara:

    that is weird!!!

    the candy corn one i saw was in a regular pocboc bottle. i didn’t see that one.


  • 8/12/11 9:03 dina:

    ok, you got me 😛 i def wanna ck this out. hope they come out w/ more shaped/figural bottles for the pocketbacs although then you can’t put them in those damn rubber thingys. oh well, i’ll take cuteness first!!


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