Beauty Most Unusual: Moisturize Yourself Skinny!

One of the few slimming creams you’ll find in North America is Fat Girl Slim, from Bliss. This lotion promises skin-firming results that visibly diminishes dimples with something called QuSome aka encapsulated caffeine.

Now the Asian market…they take slimming creams to new and sometimes unusual levels!


Kameria Sexy Body Hot Slim Cream is one of literally hundreds of creams you can find in the Asian market that promises to burn off stubborn body fat resulting in a more toned look.

If it was that easy we could all sit on our butts all day, eat bon bons, and call it a day eh?

I wish.

Slimming Creams, beauty most unusual?

Or do you think they actually work?

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P.S. Of course, I’ll have to try this, for the sake of the blog, experimental reasons only, of course…! 😉

  • 8/31/11 14:43 Missy:

    I’ll slather some on whilst I eat my Sour Patch Kids gummies LOL!


    • 8/31/11 15:08 the Muse:

      LOL missy!


  • 8/31/11 14:51 Sarah S.:

    Oh, LOL can’t wait for your review! I so *wish* this would work. I would eat a LOT of vegan pizza and chocolate, believe me 😛 I don’t think a product would really be able to get away with making such a claim in the U.S., do you? What’s a little more shocking to me is the nudey-girl imagery! Looks like (sorry) lube or something!


    • 8/31/11 16:40 the Muse:

      heck no…LOL i doubt it’ll work LMAO! hey they get away with ALOT in the US ;-D!!!!!!!! lol the nude girls cracked me up! it does look like a lube…;-D


  • 8/31/11 15:11 Biba:

    10 tubes for me, please!


  • 8/31/11 15:28 Zee@YBA:

    Forget “sexy body” that’s a sexy bottle.


  • 8/31/11 15:44 Peachy:

    Oooh, an old roommate of mine had one of these! Apparently, hers was based on hot peppers or something, so the lotion ended up being too painful to be worth using! D:


    • 8/31/11 16:07 the Muse:

      lol peachy oh god they have bath salts like that too LMAO!


  • 8/31/11 16:45 Deb:

    Oh don’t we wish! I used two full tubs of Fat Girl Slim. I’m not big, 5’6″ and a size 6 but as I started getting older I started getting some dimples in the back. Oh what a waste of money. Does not work. No change whatsoever. SCAM!!! Please, please don’t waste your money.


  • 8/31/11 18:17 katchimo:

    I don’t know about slimming creams since I’ve never tried it but I do know a good way of reducing cellulite deposits is by massaging them. I usually use St. Ive’s apricot scrub and attack my butt and legs with that and it helps to clear it. It’s possible that some slimming creams can help tighten the skin and make it appear slimmer but I doubt it reeeeeeeeeeally works.


  • 8/31/11 18:41 roanne:

    I also have a slimming cream, though it’s a different brand. It feels like mint toothpaste when I slather it on my stomach. Cold and hot at the same time.. Hehe.. I think these products will be more effective when used with a body shaper(depends on the area) and exercise. Ü


  • 8/31/11 18:47 Roanne:

    I am in the Philippines and I also own something like this, it’s not too prevalent in our country. When I slather it on my stomach and thighs aka problem areas, it feels like your applying mint toothpaste. Hot and cold at the same time, very weird sensation. LOL. The seller recommended using a body shaper and exercise while using this. Hope this helps. =)


    • 8/31/11 18:48 Roanne:

      sorry for the double comments, i thought that my first comment wasn’t sent because I tried to send it using my mobile browser..


    • 9/1/11 14:12 the Muse:

      thanks roanne for your comment ;-D kinda icy-hot feeling for sure ;D!


  • 8/31/11 20:40 Tiffany:

    I actually might wanna try this! The bath salts I tried were actually pretty good!


  • 8/31/11 23:31 Fey:

    I’m not sure what some of these pictures are supposed to be on the back of the tube. I have a problem with perceiving two-tone images. I always see the negative image first whereas most people see the positive. :/


  • 9/1/11 0:33 Andi:

    omg!! my best guy friend and i saw this and were like wtf does it burn you or sumthing? the word HOT scared us…lol. can’t wait for the review so i can tag him in it lol


    • 9/1/11 11:48 the Muse:

      it’s supposed to warm up andi ;D


    • 9/1/11 17:33 Boone:

      LOL I saw a few of these type of products when I was browsing, and some of them had names like “burning cream”! Lost in translation, I do believe!


  • 2/8/12 19:20 Rissa:

    Did it work at all? lol


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