Beauty Most Unusual Temporary Lip Tattoos

For a long time I was a gloss only girl but I slowly started incorporating lipsticks into my daily looks. I’m still mighty picky about what goes on my lips and what sort of finishes I use (just say no to matte) but there is one thing I won’t consider.

Temporary Lip Tattoos.

Do not want!


Violent Lips Temporary Lip Tattoos are lip tattoo transfers featuring a selection of vibrant print designs, the transfers last up to eight hours and are easily applied according to the company.

Simply trim the transfer to fit your lips across the dotted line, ensure your lips are clean, remove the film and wet the backing, then gently remove to reveal the design below.

Sounds easy right?

I could just picture myself NOT getting this into place correctly and ending up with a wack-tastic design on my upper lip or chin…something crazy like that.

Plus I’m thinking I can’t sport the Union Jack or a leopard print on my lips, just sayin’!

Do not want Temporary Lip Tattoos.

But if they happen to be your bag you can snag nine different designs in three packs for $21.95 at

What do you think?

Yay or nay on temp tatt’ing your lips?

  • 8/24/11 14:53 Lady LoLo:

    You are right… Eye shadow? Maybe. Lips? I don’t trust it x.x


  • 8/24/11 15:01 kiwikiwidragon:

    That’s a pretty penny to waste as well!


  • 8/24/11 15:21 melissa:

    i would try it once if i had a free sample!


  • 8/24/11 15:27 Ryan:

    Good God. These beauty most unusual posts always make me lose sleep, but this one just gave me four visits worth of material to go over with my therapist.


    • 8/24/11 15:33 the Muse:

      lol ryan


  • 8/24/11 15:34 Vi:

    I’ve actually seen these pop up on the Ulta website! Most of them look like terrible cold sores from far away D:


  • 8/24/11 16:06 Eve:

    These look fun and I want to play with them. But wherever would anyone wear these? A costume party maybe? Theyre a bit too pricey to “just play with” for me unfortunately…


  • 8/24/11 16:17 katrosado:

    I had looked at these today. The only use they would get in my house was at Halloween. Not really—-interested in the least :)


  • 8/24/11 16:51 Didi:

    It looks awful! Id only use it for halloween party!


  • 8/24/11 17:14 Sarah:

    Wantwantwant! I mean these would only be good for a “photoshoot” right? No one would truly go to, say, the grocery store in these? (Then again, I’m surprised at the makeup people wear on a daily basis….)


  • 8/24/11 18:46 Kelly:

    lol I noticed these last night on Sephora…maybe for Halloween, but never for every day.


  • 8/24/11 21:34 V:

    What is this I don’t even


  • 8/24/11 21:35 V:

    Also, there are so many different lip shapes and sizes…smh


  • 8/24/11 22:41 Odbery:

    … if they made one with maple leaves I would totally wear it on Canada day


  • 8/25/11 0:53 Kate:

    Hideous, online at Sephora as well


  • 8/25/11 5:42 Dawn:

    Looks rather hard to pull off..
    also..if it starts flaking like temporary tatoos do, that’ll look really awful. 😀


  • 8/25/11 10:38 Telle:

    I am theoretically all over this! I find $22 USD a little steep for three of the tattoos though and would find it more cost efficient to put my dollars towards a much listed after gloss or lipstick. :)


  • 8/25/11 10:55 LU:

    That is just plain weird.


  • 8/25/11 11:26 kimkats:

    I can’t think of how many HAYELL NOs it takes to adequately express my distaste for these.. EW. ICK.


  • 8/25/11 12:12 dina:



  • 8/25/11 14:23 Sarah S.:

    Sugar Factory has exclusive designs of these and they were my vacation weird beauty purchase! I got a rainbow and a heart print, and they were about $15.95 for three tattoos. The girls in the store had them on and seemed pretty enthusiastic about them. I think I’ll try it out and review on my blog :)


  • 8/25/11 20:37 tini:

    is this a joke?


  • 8/26/11 16:59 Ruthless:

    I ordered right from the violent lips website-pink and black checkered ones. They look really, really cool but you do have to fidget a bit with cutting them to your lip size. And when my country had a postal strike they upgraded the shipping to courier for free, really impressed. The flag ones are a bit weird, but I would order from them again


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