Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Mineral Makeup

Has Bobbi ever gone the mineral route? I can’t recall it. She does for Fall 2011.

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Mineral Makeup is a new groundbreaking mineral foundation that has my curiosity piqued.


Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Mineral Makeup has an SPF 15 and made up of specially selected mineral powders to even out skin, diminish the look of imperfections, and to create an even, flawless finish.

The formula contains skin softeners and glycerin and promises to never look masky or overly made up….I imagine with softeners and glycerin the powder with be very smooth and silky.

I’m not keen on mineral makeup or powders in general because I have dry skin but I’m curious how well Bobbi’s version will be perform. I can’t honestly remember her having a mineral makeup available, can you?

It’s available now at for $38 along with the Bobbi Brown Face Brush ($42) for application.

Wanna try it?

Nay on the minerals?

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  • 8/17/11 11:09 JenJ:

    Saaaay what??!?! Yes I want to try it lol! I have Bare Minerals which I didn’t like when I first used it years ago. Got matched again in a shade about a year ago I think. Like it. When I first used it again this second time around I was impressed. Now I’m like eh. But I have been hooked on Bobbi Brown’s foundations. I have 3 but the two I’ve been alternating is the oil free compact and natural finish. I also have the stick foundation but I won’t pull that out until the temps cool down. So I’m interested to see how this will compare to Bare Minerals.


    • 8/17/11 11:21 the Muse:

      jen I can’t wear BE makes my itch crazy like so curious about BB’s version ;D!


      • 8/18/11 9:25 Nora:

        I can’t either. I can’t wear any makeup that has Bismuth Oxychloride. It’s a well-known irritant, thus it’s amazing so many people still use BE and so many companies still include it. But I’ll check this one out.


  • 8/20/11 0:36 Liz:

    I’ll probably give it a go since I adore her skin foundation and tinted moisturizer. Sigh, kiss my money goodbye.


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