Charlotte Ronson for Sephora Makeup Collection

Ok, I admit it, I didn’t technically take Charlotte Ronson’s Makeup Collection seriously enough.

But I’m beyond serious now! It looks fabulous.

Take a look!

Charlotte Ronson for Sephora is a selection of effortless beauty pieces inspired by her friends and family such as Nicole Richie, Rashida Jones, and of course, her sister.

With a price range of $14 to $28 the line also proves highly affordable.

Take a look!

Charlotte Ronson A Perfect Kiss Lip Gloss $14
A collection of super shiny lip glosses, each held in its own heart-shaped tube.

Charlotte Ronson All Eye Need Eye Shadow Palette Nicole $22

Charlotte Ronson 3 X A Charm Luminizer, Blush, Bronzer $28

Nicole Richie’s palette looks amazing, I’m highly interested in picking it up when it launches.

Charlotte Ronson’s Makeup Collection will be available exclusively at Sephora and

What do you think of the collection?

  • 8/10/11 20:21 Liane:

    The colors don’t seem very… exciting.


  • 8/10/11 21:29 Jeri:

    Not to impressed.


  • 8/10/11 23:09 Sarabeara:

    I’m LOVING the price point! I think that trio is definitely in my future!


  • 8/11/11 0:38 Taylor:

    I like it. But I don’t know if I like it enough to haul it.


  • 8/11/11 2:37 Jessica:

    I’m impressed! The initial pictures made me go um no! But after seeing it on Sephora I definitely will be buying a few things.
    My only complaint right now is I was hoping for cute accessories.
    I’ve liked Charlotte since her C.Ronson line that was cutesy and fun filled. I guess I was hoping her makeup collection would be more fun if that makes sense. Or at least with cutesy accessories, all her good stuff is in Japan these days.


  • 8/11/11 7:32 Courtney:

    Doesn’t really do it for me either


  • 8/11/11 9:07 Sarah S.:

    Darn, I was excited for this but it is kind of yawn-enducing.


  • 8/11/11 12:19 Jennifer:

    It might be a little yawn inducing, but I think it’s just the company trying to play it safe with neutrals and classic colors. It’s not something I definitely want to run out and buy, but I could see myself using them if I had them in my stash already. Maybe if the pigmentation wwas especially strong or the formula was buttery silky smooth then I could see myself running out and picking ’em up. But the colors are easily dupable so without any further info I don’t see myself purchasing.


  • 8/11/11 21:58 Atanza:



  • 8/14/11 2:39 Mags:

    Hmmm..maybe not haul-inducing but I do love how it seems easy to travel with. But like Jennifer mentioned, it would have to be great quality and the colors would have to work just right for me before I would get them.


  • 9/12/11 19:12 Jessica:

    Muse, I picked up a few pieces and omg love the pigment!


    • 9/15/11 11:35 the Muse:

      yay jessica now I’m hyped! believe I am gonna wait for sephora ff to haul!


  • 9/15/11 14:17 Jessica:

    I’m going to try a few of the other shadow palettes, I have the Drea one and love it. The Shoshanna palette is much better than I expected it to be. I like the 3 in 1 option.
    The Rashida powder is great too but me being me potted it in to a container because I’m weird about brush applicators like that lol


  • 9/19/11 12:30 kim:

    has anyone tried the 3XA luminizer, blush, and bronzer in 1? basically “TRIPLE THREAT” I’ve tried EVERY luminizer/highlighter/shimmer out and the only one I was truly satisfied with was when MAC came out w/a limited time mineralize powder duo w/shimmer and I used up all the shimmer to it already =( BOO HOO but i have tons of shimmer but just not satisfied with it like MACs and I also went organic a couple months back and now limited to basically MOST makeups out there because of the toxins and hazards I’m more aware of now. Hard for me to pick out certain items due to my change in being more green but I still use the bad stuff here and there


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