Clinique Black Honey Shimmering Tones Powder


Listen close.

The Clinique Black Honey Collection is getting a big fat yay for Fall. Have you hauled it yet?

Was it a yay for you or a nay?

If it was a yay you’ll want to indulge in a brand new piece of the collection available exclusively at Sephora, take the jump to find out what it is.


Clinique Black Honey Shimmering Tones Powder is a limited edition, multitone powder available exclusively at Sephora and

Your cult favorite lippie, Black Honey, gets a makeover in powder format with a shimmering, beaitifully blended powder to create sheer, subtle radiance on cheeks and face.

The classic lippie come to life in a shimmering highlighting powder.

  • 8/25/11 11:10 haley:

    i wasn’t the biggest fan of the collection, put this looks really pretty. will you haul/swatch?


    • 8/25/11 11:12 the Muse:

      debating haley but I’m leaning towards no b/c the pieces I did buy, I felt they made me look tired :(


  • 8/25/11 12:16 JenJ:

    YEPPERS!!! They didn’t have the double ended lip color and gloss at the counter but I may get that later. Got the eye palette, blush and the lip color. Beautiful collection. May look into this here powder.


  • 8/25/11 12:17 Sara:

    That looks………..weird. I didn’t buy anything other than the gloss/balm combo since I knew without a doubt they were perfect and would get worn. But everything else? Kinda meh. If I see this sitting out I’ll jab it, otherwise it’ll get skipped too.


  • 8/25/11 13:12 Littlecreek:

    I’m gonna swatch this first. Besides the double ended lip color (amazing!) the rest of the collection didnt fit my skin tone. But I love black honey so I’ll give anything with the name a try once. This looks like it might be cool toned so maybe it’ll be a hit!


  • 8/25/11 15:46 Kim:

    Hope you do swatches since my local Sephora does not have this. I thought the blush looked great on you in previous photos and I have similar skin tones so I think it may look OK on me but I’m afraid to try it without seeing swatches/reviews.


    • 8/25/11 15:50 the Muse:

      wow thanks kim! I thought it drown me out a little :-/ I’m debating on this but will see how I feel, I do have a lemming but worried how it’ll look on ;D


  • 8/25/11 17:59 Katrosado:

    Yes I already have the gradient blush and I have the dual ended almost lipstick/glosswear. I’m very interested to see the shimmer but given the color of black honey (to me it’s a mauvy brown) I definately need to see a swatch of that first.


  • 8/25/11 18:42 Katrosado:

    I changed my mind. I’ll pick this up next week if it’s not sold out.


  • 8/25/11 21:22 Melissa:

    I’m waiting for the gwp to haul a couple things. Not sure I want this powder but I want the blush and the double lippie


  • 9/8/11 1:05 katrosado:

    The shimmer was delivered this week. It is lovely (I quickly swatced it on my arm) The mini squares are icy silver, a muted silvery plum, and very shiny plummy wine. Mixed together they are extreme shimmery plum. But alas, my teenage daughter spied it–squealed with delight—and I haven’t seen it since! 😀


    • 9/9/11 9:59 the Muse:

      sounds lovely katros!!!!


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