Fusion Beauty Prime Results Tinted Moisturizer Review, Swatches, Photos

As we head into Fall I really have to remind myself that Summer isn’t quite over yet and we’ll still see some warm weather well into September so tinted moisturizer? It’s so in on!

Fusion Beauty Prime Results Tinted Moisturizer has graced my collection for the past two or three months and its actually become a staple for daily use due to its incredibly moisturizing formula, my dry skin likey!

Let’s take a look!

A tinted moisturizer that provides a sheer base to skin while moisturizing and offering sun protection.

Fusion Beauty Prime Results Tinted Moisturizer is for the dry skin chicas out there. You you know who you are! This one is not only intensely hydrating but the formula keeps skin dewy to the touch for hours after application and continued to keep it moisturized…! This is one perk of the product and why I love it so much.

Although it doesn’t appear as such in my swatch (shade swatched is Sand) the formula is thick, creamy, and dreamy. It blends in beautifully, hydrates skin that you won’t need moisturizer prior to use, and leaves skin dewy to the touch. I find the color is sheer, as with any tinted moisturizer, but still manages to even out skin tone and leave behind a flawless canvas for makeup. The formula wears quite well and my face remains quite fresh throughout the day versus other products of its kind which fade away rather quickly. At best I see five hours of wear time (indoors) at worst (outdoors) around four hours which is good for a tinted moisturizer in my humblest opinion.

The size is a delightful 1.7 oz at $40 which is $2 cheaper than Laura Mercier’s version and a ickle little bigger too!

I did have somethings I didn’t love about it…!

Sadly, it only has an SPF of 15, I’d have preferred at the least 30 le sigh!

The pump tube is very handy but I find it gushes out too quickly sometimes so I have to press it very lightly less I have enough product to slather on a small village of people!

  • Anyone looking for a hydrating tinted moisturizing with lasting moisture throughout the day.
  • Those with drier skin who want a flawless, even finish.
  • Those seeking lightweight Summer foundation without feeling heavy, greasy, or oil!
  • Those who like a dewy to the touch finish!

  • Those with oily skin (be aware as this is extra creamy and hydrating which could prove a bit too much for oily skin types).
  • Those looking for an SPF in their tinted moisturizer higher than 15.

Fusion Beauty Prime Results Tinted Moisturizer proved an excellent choice for lightweight foundation wear this Summer and will work for me as Indian Summer approaches. I love the lightweight feel and the lasting hydrating feel that keeps my skin fresh and dewy all day long! It doesn’t have a ton of pigment but it’s just enough to even out my skin and create a flawless base for my makeup! I want to Muse Approved it but the lower SPF and the tricky packaging prevent me from doing so but this one definately gets an A from me overall.

Loves it!

Available at Sephora, Sephora.com, Ulta, and Ulta.com

Tried it?

Do share your thoughts!


This review contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR.
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  • 8/19/11 1:13 sara:

    Hi Muse! Do you think this has more coverage than the LM? Patiently awaiting the review for the clinique bb cream:) Ahhh decisions…decisions!


    • 8/19/11 9:07 the Muse:

      it’s just about the same sara to me :) review coming shortly ;-D


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