Givenchy Nuit Celeste for Holiday 2011

The Summer wind came blowing in and on it came the Givenchy Nuit Celete for Holiday 2011 Collection. Early? Yes. But who cares? Let’s celebrate Christmas early…besides cosmetic companies start bringing these collections out as early as the end of September anyway and it’s not like we are that far away.

Check it!

Planete-Beaute shares some wicked photos of the new Givenchy Nuit Celeste today. Shudder! I feel all squishy, mushy inside when I view these photos!


Anything you must own?

  • 8/17/11 13:09 Courtney:

    I kind of want it all after seeing these promo pics. Gorgeous!


  • 8/17/11 13:26 kiwikiwidragon:

    Procrastinated on the spray shimmers last year, now I want them so bad!!! The body shop one was by far the best for the price, I couldn’t wrap myself around the Tarina Taritino ones.


  • 8/17/11 13:56 Musebeliever:

    Givenchy always makes awesome looking products on the outside.
    But I am not convinced by their quality. In France it was all about colour block and the Givenchy summer palette, but i found the eyeshadows claky and not that pigmented. So now I’m extra careful with them ! XD


  • 8/17/11 18:24 katherine:

    Just the pics of those products give me shivers. I can’t wait to see them in action.


  • 8/17/11 18:40 Isis:

    Damn!! I love love spaklies, own too many and am too old to get away with them without looking slightly mental…boo bloody hoo! .. not saying I won’t indulge, just getting the cons out of the way now..


  • 11/20/11 9:27 Diana:

    It is November and I can’t find them anywhere online. Do you know if they have been released yet? Did I miss them already?


    • 11/21/11 11:37 the Muse:

      all the counters have it diana and it’s splashed all over saks’ website :)


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