Harajuku Lovers Tweezerman Collection

Harajuku Lovers has teamed up with Tweezerman to create a selection of rather cute little tweezers….hey, who doesn’t want a tweezer that includes a Harajuku Lovers design right?


Harajuku Lovers Designer Series Slant Tweezer $25

Designs Available:

  • G
  • Angel
  • Music
  • Love
  • Baby

Tweezerman Harajuku Lovers Matchbox Itty Bitty Files $4
A set of twelve mini nail files in an adorable matchbox carrying case.

The girls are all available in Slant Tweezer but there is also a Mini Slant Tweezer available with G’s design for $15.

Cute eh?

Available at Sephora and Sephora.com

  • 8/10/11 20:32 Erin:

    DAMMIT! I just bought my first Tweezerman tweezers and received them today. Grrr….


  • 8/10/11 21:50 Sarah S.:

    *cheers* I got the Betsey Johnson ones and floral ones, too… I really have no excuse for having a stray brow hair at this point!


  • 8/10/11 22:47 Tammie:

    OMG May need the mini…my mini one I got a few years ago thinking it was a good deal, but it really wasnt and now I am stuck with a snowflake design on it! I use this one quite often when I am on the go so it makes me crazy that 99% of the year it’s out of season!!


  • 8/11/11 3:09 Chihuahua Beauty:

    That’s so cute…I want that!! Too bad they don’t sell it in Hong Kong =(


  • 8/11/11 7:36 www.SaraAshouri.com:

    soooo cute! I love this!


  • 8/11/11 12:38 Nunuiviet:

    I’d like one of those! Hihihi


  • 8/12/11 8:51 dina:

    LOVE. wish they put all of them on one design though for the horrendously indecisive like myself. no way can i justify getting all five no matter how whacked in the head i am . . . 😛


  • 8/13/11 21:20 Miss Molly:

    So cute, but I can’t justify buying another pair of Tweezermans when mine are perfectly fine. Have you seen the HL earbuds? I may have to buy some from Target.com since my current headphones are dying.


  • 8/15/11 18:57 JulieN:

    Love! But I got to pass unless it goes on sale. I have too many Tweezerman tweezers already. Then again, one or two more couldn’t possibly hurt anyone eh?


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