Hard Candy Fall 2011 Collection

Although I posted the deets for Hard Candy Fall 2011 earlier this week I didn’t have images to whet your appetite…

Here they are in all their glory.

Take a peek and make your wish list!


Hard Candy Eye Def Molten Metallic Cream Eyeshadow $6
A unique molten cream eyeshadow with a unique crease free formula. Gorgeous metallic shades that gives eyes a stunning flash of color.


  • Crystal Palace
  • Golden Earth
  • Knock Out
  • Electric
  • Jagged Jade
  • The Essence of Envy
  • Flush
  • Rose Amour
  • Fake Bake

Hard Candy Walk the Line 24 Hour Lash Grow ($7)
This double-duty system has your liner and lashes covered! The black patent liquid liner stays on until you take it off, and the amino-acid laced lash serum improves lash thickness and length.

Hard Candy Lashaholic ($7)
This voluminous and water-resistant formula builds volume without flaking or smudging, pulling every lash from wimpy to wow!

Hard Candy World Balmination ($3)
Need a glossy balm for those lighter days? Try Hard Candy’s latest lip—World Balmination! This lemon-scented tube comes in eight shades to protect and moisturize those luscious lips.


  • First Frost
  • Fishnet
  • Bridal Blush
  • Starfish
  • Miss Independent
  • Vampire Bite
  • Good Girl
  • Lovestruck

Hard Candy Stroke of Gorgeous ($5)
This calligraphic eyeliner pen makes it easy to create a flawless cat eye in one sweep! Each liner has Hard Candy’s Growth Serum to promote lash health.


  • The Black Dress
  • Storm
  • Nautical

Hard Candy Stay in Line ($5)
If you’re not ready for the liquid liner, try Stay in Line, a self-sharpening retractable pencil that allows for smooth application.


  • Black Magic
  • Black Pearl Sparkle
  • Brown Sparkle
  • Luminous Sparkle
  • Santorini
  • Signal

Don’t the new metallic Eye Defs sound exciting? That Rose Amour shade shall be mine!

Whatcha think?

Any must haves?

Already seen the collection at your local Walmart?

Hauled it?

Do share!

Hard Candy Fall 2011 is exclusively available at Walmart and Walmart.com

  • 8/19/11 13:22 JennaP:

    WANT Stroke of Gorgeous – every color! LOVE!


    • 8/19/11 13:25 the Muse:

      I want ALL the eye defs Jenna ;D!


  • 8/19/11 13:50 Lady LoLo:

    This collection seems sooo nice and cute! I hope it starts to sell at ebay soon…


  • 8/19/11 14:16 Nene:

    The mascara & liquid liners look really tempting (:


  • 8/19/11 14:48 Amanda:

    GD, I want Lashaholic (and everything for that matter) just for the beauty of the packaging!

    Everything looks great, but I don’t feel the ‘crease proof’ cream shadows…I be skeptical


    • 8/19/11 14:56 the Muse:

      I’ve tried the glitter eye defs before and liked them Adamant so keeping hope alive these new metallic ones are just as brills!


  • 8/19/11 18:59 Lemony Licks:

    I hope you don’t mine my mini-review here because I waited all day today for Fedex to deliver my Wal-mart order! I got all three Stroke of Gorgeous liners, Stay in Line in Luminous and Baby Brown sparkle, and a World Balmination in Miss Independent (a purple).

    I was at first a bit disappointed with Storm (purple) and Nautical (aqua?). It’s hard to get a very nice clean and clear line with them because they come out kind of spotty, like watercolor or a dying colored pen. I tried going over the line many times and it seems like it never dispenses enough color. Little Black Dress is a true black, and has none of the problems the other two colored liners have. Other than that, they are kind of smudge-proof, but they could be washed off with just cold water.

    The Stay in Line liners were great though. Although I got two sparkle shades that have glitter, they didn’t have as much glitter as I thought they would, so they could probably still be used for everyday wear. I was also surprised that Luminous was a very pretty greenish-blue color that would look great as a bottom liner. The smudger is a hard little spongey nub with a very loose cap. I can’t see myself using it too much.

    World Balmination gave my lips a little bit of color, and the scent reminds me of cheap candy (both good and bad, I guess). However my stick came with very stubborn plastic packaging that might have melted onto the print. Very annoying.

    Overall, I like Stay in Line liners, and I might go back for more. Stroke of Gorgeous is a bit disappointing and I can’t see Little Black Dress being a cheaper dupe for my favorite liner yet (Koji Dollywink liquid eyeliner), but it’s a cheap way to get colored liners.

    I am looking forward to your review of the new Eye-Def collection. I am not a fan of cream shadows but I might give these a try. Please review the liners and Lashaholic as well!


    • 8/25/11 16:08 the Muse:

      THANKS lemony! so helpful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-D


    • 8/25/11 16:32 Majick:

      Hey Lemony – just thought of something you could try with the liner pens, try shaking them a little? I know with some paint pens and liquid liners the formula is much better when mixed. Maybe some of the pigment settled or something.

      I really have no idea because I don’t own any of these but before you ditch them to the “junk” drawer it may be worth a shot.
      Have a great weekend!


  • 8/19/11 21:02 Telly9009:

    Hmm! The Eye Def looks very interesting. I remember your review on the original Eye Def so I skipped. Maybe these Metallic one’s will be better! =) The Lashaholic Mascara wand has my attention. It seems to me it would be similar to Covergirl’s Lashblast. The Stroke of Gorgeous eyeliner has really cute packaging… Isn’t that enough? lol JK =) I can’t wait to read your reviews!


  • 8/19/11 23:45 Shannon:

    We have had those cream shadows here in Canada for months! They’re really pretty in person :)


  • 8/20/11 0:52 breyerchic04:

    Do we know the colors of Storm and Nautical in the liquid liner?


  • 8/20/11 1:36 Christine:

    interesting items – too bad there’s no walmart near me (1hr drive, no thanks XD)


  • 8/20/11 9:36 Maria:

    I definitely want stroke of gorgeous…but I’m waiting for someone *wink wink* to do a review so I know if they go on smooth and are long lasting. ^_^ Also really wanting that metallic cream eyeshadow…. looks really cute!


    • 8/22/11 10:47 the Muse:

      maria the metallic shadows are amazing on swatch ;-D brought a couple and loved…gonna try and get reviews up of everything ;D!


      • 8/22/11 14:59 Maria:

        Thank you! Very much appreciated! ^_^ In case I haven’t mentioned it before, I really DO appreciate all the good reviews and the hard work that you put into them. ^_^


        • 8/23/11 9:53 the Muse:

          aw thank you maria that’s so sweet of you! HUGS!


  • 8/20/11 14:24 Lauriahv:

    The brush on the Lashaholic looks real similar to the Benefit they’re real! mascara… a dupe perhaps?


  • 8/21/11 0:03 Josie:

    Can’t wait to see the metallic cream eyeshadows! I just hate the packaging. I think i had a lipgloss from Caboodles years, years ago that i picked up in the US during a trip to Florida and it smelled awful. I’m grossed out when i see that test tube style of packaging but if those cream shadows look great, i’ll get over it LOL :p


  • 8/21/11 13:27 Anya:

    Was eyeing the Stroke of Gorgeous until I noticed that it contained lash growth serum. Don’t those serums permanently darken the iris? Do not want D:


    • 8/22/11 14:25 Majick:

      I heard that too – good catch.


      • 12/10/11 23:41 Ash:

        I’ve heard that the iris darkening only occurs if used daily – and with the more heavy duty lash serums (like Latisse) which are more concentrated.


  • 8/22/11 10:18 kimk:

    Ok, quick review of the Lashaholic mascara. It’s…ok. it’s rather dry, and takes a bit of work to get it on, but it does thicken lashes a bit, but that’s about it. My biggest gripe is that the brush for this stuff is flimsy beyond belief! It’s one of those plastic spiky things, rather than a traditional brush, and it’s attached to the “Stem” of the macara wand so poorly that it wobbles when you try to stuff it back in the tube, and the opening for the wand is quite small so it takes a stuffing to put it back in! I can see this breaking in short order… I’ll use it til it breaks (which I anticipate won’t be too long) but I would not rebuy it at all.

    Hth someones!

    Kim :)


    • 8/22/11 10:44 the Muse:

      thanks for the mini review kim! Super helpful!


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