Lancome Bright Expert Dark Spot Corrector Review

I find the sudden flow of dark spot correctors on the market recently very interesting. Clinique started the fade up last year or so and this year, particularly this season, we’ve seen various treatments from not only higher end brands but also drugstore ones as well.

I personally go into these purchases with the hope of two things. One, brighter skin and two, I have some darkness around my lower jawline that I’d like to lighten.

Lancome Bright Expert Dark Spot Corrector & Radiance Activator promises results in as little as four weeks. I’ve been using it for a bit longer that so I thought I’d finally settle in for a review.

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A dark spot corrector that works to visibly improve and lighten hyper pigmentation, age spots, and sun spots in as little as four weeks.

My expectations were a little high here and I had some high notes with Bright Expert and some low ones but for the most part I did like it.

The product comes in a 1oz squeeze tube and will set you back $65. This is a tad expensive than Clinique’s version and a little cheaper than Kate Somerville’s so we are right in the middle of the road product wise. $65 is a tad high at this price however the 1 oz size will get you through about a month or two of uses it really depends how much you are using. In my experience, I’ve been using a rather generous amount for close to six weeks and I still have at least half a tube.

The formula is a runny liquid which absorbs easily. I use it twice daily prior to moisturizer and SPF. You’re going to want to be sure to use SPF daily with this. I noticed no ill effects from use. No dryness, no break outs, etc…it seems gentle enough on my drier skin. It is a one trick pony so it does lighten to some extent and it does fade darkness to some extent but it doesn’t hydrate your skin or offer any other basic functions.

The results aren’t astounding I fear but they are noticeable. Within the first two weeks of use I noticed an almost instant brightening of my skin. My skin is so dull which is one reason I depend on BB Cream to make it look brighter and livelier. Bright Expert gives a fairly good makeup optional skin finish as it eases dullness considerably and brightens skin up giving it a healthier appearance sans the dull, lackluster skin I normally experience.

Darkness around my jawline did fade a little bit but you had to be really paying attention to the area to notice the subtle change. I honestly was disappointed it didn’t completely erase the darkness but it did ease it however I noticed if I wasn’t diligent about application that the area went back to the way it originally was.

Results for the most part were very good compared to Clinique’s version which really didn’t do much of anything for me.

I had higher results for the product but it did do what it promised however it didn’t do it in a way that has me jumping around the room singing its praises.

  • Those with duller skin in need of some brightening.
  • Those with faint darkness, dark spots, age spots that need brightening up (this won’t fade or erase those problems but it will lighten those areas).

  • Those wanting clinical results (this won’t erase your problems but it will help to fade minor issues).


Lancome Bright Expert won’t give you flawless skin it will however aid you in achieving a more flawless complexion. The results aren’t clinical but it’s a cheaper solution to seeing a Doctor and have expensive procedures. It doesn’t erase problem areas nor does it correct them it does however fade these problems to reveal brighter, healthier skin. So far, Lancome Bright Expert, is one of the better treatment products I’ve tried. The results are subtle but they are there for those who have a little patience to wait for them as it does take time and diligence to get complete results. I do think Bright Expert might prove something I’d have to add to my daily regime to see long term benefits as for some reason it seemed like my darkness was darker on days I skipped or didn’t use the product. I was a little disappointed in the long run since I expected clinical results but I should no better of course.

Overall, it might be something you want to try if your skill is duller or you suffer from minor darkness or problems but don’t expect miracles.

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  • 8/2/11 14:02 JoElla:

    Thanks for the info sweets!


    • 8/2/11 14:07 the Muse:

      my pleasure misses ;D!


  • 8/2/11 14:27 Sarah S.:

    Believe it or not, I am on week two of this (because apparently I use everything :P) I am really glad it’s not making me break out and it doesn’t add heaviness under my serum and moisturizer but so far none of the sun spots around my eyes are lighter (bummer). But the Clinique one didn’t work for me at all! I wish they would bill these as “brighteners” instead of “spot correctors” because I still see spots, yo! I feel so set up for disappointment.


    • 8/2/11 14:32 the Muse:

      sarah I agree. First off Clinique didn’t do anything for me and it kinda felt like it was causing my skin to look dull..and secondly, def can get on board with “brighteners” rather than spot correctors as they fade and brighten but not correct darkness…!


  • 8/2/11 15:56 Christine:

    Ohhh, this one is tempting. But that bit about the darkness seeming to return when you don’t use it regularly anymore puts me off… Hm.

    Thanks for the review Muse!


    • 8/2/11 16:06 the Muse:

      my pleasure christine ;D!


  • 8/5/11 15:27 Majick:

    I used the Clinique one wtih the matching moisturizer and NADA. I really wanted it to work but my spots seem to be exactly the same. I did like the Clinique moistuizer though because it had an SPF and it didn’t break me out.
    I probably won’t bother with this one since it seems more topical. My foundation does that . :-)
    With any of the spot correctors it is imperative that you use sunscreen or the spots will just come right back. I usually don’t use them in the summer because I’m out in the sun too much and I think it’s kind of pointless.


    • 8/5/11 15:38 the Muse:

      hey majick I was kinda trying to convince myself it worked but nothing here either on Clinique! I had a little prob with Clinique breaking me out and that’s saying something as it’s rare product breaks me out. I normally use high SPF so def make sure to always SPF…! ;-D


  • 10/25/11 19:28 laura:

    I’ve never had break outs, but after using this product for 3 -4 weeks, my skin looks terrible with blotches of red bumps here and there. Add to that the fact that it hasn’t brightened my skin nor lightened age spots.


  • 6/2/12 15:18 Taylor:

    I just recently started using Youth Code Serum (Corrector). Have you tried that brand yet? Love your reviews!!


    • 6/4/12 14:26 the Muse:

      aw thanks taylor so glad you enjoy them. I haven’t. Any good?


  • 10/30/12 21:20 Jenna:

    Thank you for this review. I was considering trying this as I have been using Estee Lauders Idealist for 8 months, with about the same results you describe. Guess I’ll keep searching.


    • 10/31/12 10:47 the Muse:

      jenna it’s a little expensive for it does (or doesn’t) do jenna! there are better options available, try Philosophy’s brightener, it’s very good!


      • 10/31/12 14:19 Jenna:

        Thank you for the recommendation, I’m thinking of just going for the Light Laser Treatment to be rid of the dark spot for good.


        • 10/31/12 14:21 the Muse:

          GREAT idea ;-D Let me know how it works out for you? I’m a little scared to try it so getting some input on someone who has will be interesting ;D


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