Laura Geller Vanilla Nudes Collection at Ulta

The Laura Geller Vanilla Nudes Collection is available at Ulta for $58 (it was $48 on QVC) so if you missed it from QVC now is your chance to indulge!

  • 8/22/11 11:10 electronicfly:

    Is that a huge @$$ sponge tip applicator I spy?


    • 8/22/11 11:22 the Muse:

      yup eletronicfly ;D


  • 8/22/11 11:40 Sara:

    I saw it, and thought about it (‘specially with the “free with $25 Laura Geller purchase”), but prolly won’t get it. My skin has been acting up pretty bad lately and piling more silicones on it won’t help. :( They sneak that stuff in to blushes and brightening powders too which is what crapped up my skin this time. And they’re in all, or almost all, of those products. Bitches. :(

    Geez, I’m grumbles McGee today!!


  • 8/22/11 19:40 Isis:

    this was just a tsv on qvc uk, minus the brush, tin and auto delivery options.. but still a gorgeous kit! though I’m utterly in love with the most recent blush and eyeshadow qvc us customers got on auto-delivery.


    • 8/22/11 20:19 the Muse:

      yup isis mentioned that in my post :)


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